Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bridesmaid Round 12: The Photos

Remember when I ran off to Utah for a wedding last month?

The festivities were for my dear friend and former roommate, Larsy. Otherwise/legally known as Lauralee, but that's not important. I will always be grateful that fate/destiny/etc landed us in the same crappy apartment sharing a room my senior year of college. We awkwardly small-talked for the first month and then finally bonded over a shared craving for Little Caesar's cheesy bread and the rest is one long ridiculous history of deep late-night chats, nutty adventures and random hilarity. And something about scooter rides and a road trip to California and lemons stuffed in a suitcase.

Good grief I love this girl.

Photo cred to Conor Barry Photography for all the above images, and another thank you to Camille for lending me her red dress after my failed attempt to find one myself, even if I covered it up with that gray blazer because hey Utah is still freakishly cold in early March. 

I couldn't be more tickled to be part of this lovely wedding!
Now I'm all teary eyed so please excuse me.


Kerry said...

Aww so sweet! What beautiful photos!! I live almost right next door to this beautiful temple in NYC and it always makes my think of so many of my favorite blogs! Yours included, of course :) xo

L to the ARS said...

Awwwwwwwww!!!!!!!! What a lovely tribute and I FRIGGIN ADORE THE PICS OF US, LIKE SUPER CRAZY LOTS. They WILL go all over mi new casa, Ima nail them up before Mike has any say about putting up anything else. BAM. Awww, I miss you Katiepants!