Friday, April 19, 2013

on all the random jobs i've ever had

I helped plan our work team builder today, and you know what THAT means...shaved ice at Bahama Bucks, followed by a service project at Feed My Starving Children.

All this work + shaved ice talk got me thinking about my first job.

You know it. We're talking age 15, a little shack called Sno Biz, neon t-shirt and cut-off shorts, humid shaved ice hut in a hot parking lot. The smell of shaved ice always takes me back, as I'm sure it will this afternoon as I devour a half coconut, half banana delectable treat. Also, I'm really good at making shaved ice. (Not to be confused with crushed ice, aka a snow cone. I have feelings on this.) Other also, every time I eat any type of frozen treat, my tongue freezes and I have a hard time talking by the end of it. Just me?

Here are all the working adventures I've had:

Age 15: Hawaiian shaved ice shack in a parking lot. I think I was on a perma sugar high.

Age 16: Cold Stone Creamery. My right arm became exceptionally buff.

Age 17: Sears, Men's Department. Helping teenage boys succeed, one prom tie at a time.

Age 18: Server at a 1930s parlor and grill. Became addicted to turkey + bacon + avocado sandwiches.

Age 19: Secretary in the SUU Biology Department office. Enjoyed mingling with the pre-meds. One took me on a date once. He held my hand then played me cowboy songs on his guitar and then never called me again. Not a job perk.

Age 20-21: Reporter and copy editor at the SUU newspaper. And thus the writing career began.

Age 21-22: Public relations assistant for the BYU School of Education. My boss's son was in Maroon 5.

Age 22: Public relations intern at both Off Madison Ave and Make-A-Wish America. Grown-up life.

Age 23-24: Full-time communications/PR assistant at Make-A-Wish. It made my heart exceedingly squishy.

Age 24: Volunteer Coordinator at a non-profit. Gained invaluable compassion for the homeless population.

Age 25-26: Full-time writer at an Internet marketing agency. We have an arcade.

What was YOUR first job? Or most story-worthy?
And excuse me while I go blast a little "She Works Hard for the Money."


karajean said...

My first job was working as a telemarketer for a photography studio. It was THE WORST. And I only lasted 3 days before I broke down and quit.

My cushiest job was as a "diamond runner" for a jewelry store. I got paid to buy diamonds and drive them into Scottsdale. It was awesome.

Also, Bahama Bucks is now calling my name. It is definitely on my Saturday agenda.

Chantel said...

I seriously love this!! You've had so much experience. And I love your fun commentaries :)

FWIL Sentimental Blog Content said...

Love this post! It's so fun to see where life takes you through your work efforts. And thanks for cracking me up with the teenage boy line- it's just so true!

chrissyblake said...

I LOVED reading this. :)

Karrie said...

I found your blog from the Paypal giveaway from Nikki's blog. I LOVE the layout!


Kerry said...

I loveeeee this. You are too funny, and a hard worker apparently! My worst job was one I did this past summer, being a personal assistant to a ga-billionaire. It went from watching his dog in his unreal apartment... to sobbing daily in the office of his company. I mean sobbing outright, right there in the office, in front of everyone. Four months and I was out :)

Unknown said...

MY FIRST REAL JOB WAS COLD STONE CREAMERY AND I JUST ALREADY TEXTED YOU ABOUT IT BUT I AM FEELING BLISSFULLY BONDED TO YOU RIGHT NOW. Also, I have newfound dreams of making you sing cold stone tip songs with me while we wait in line for splash mountain and matterhorn. AND OH MY WORD, MATTERHORN! That's happening REALLLLLY soon and I just really really like you and can't WAIT to see you. The end.