Friday, September 27, 2013

A&A: Dad Joke Flirting & King Bloodaxe

▲ California is a hands free state, and I'm not a believer in texting while driving anyway. So color me surprised the other day when I was sitting at a long red light and picked up my phone to switch the music....and a man on a bicycle, also waiting at the light, reached over and PUNCHED the hood of my car and motioned for me to put my phone down. Yikes, man. Speaking of hands free, mind your own business and don't touch my car. ("Don't punch...our car." that quote.)
▲ That one brief moment when AZ was colder than CA. What? I suspect this will happen more come winter when our seasons even out.
▲ The other day I saw old men fishing in the park. Mind you, not a park with water. They were just practicing their the grass. (Admittedly this could easily make the awesome list as well.)
▲ I'm fairly certain I got hit on with a cheesy "dad joke" the other night by a guy who definitely looked to be of a fatherly age. #no #justno #imonly26man
▲ This I Recycle Boys t-shirt. Please read the comments on the photo and enjoy.
▲ That one time when a company failed greatly at some target marketing on twitter and hit me with this gem: “@NatalieSalonMP: @K8Ehawkes Congrats on your engagement! When's the big day?” ....YOU TELL ME, GUYS. #nooneputaringonit
▲ Really terrible lyrics from the newest Backstreet Boys album. Including: "You're the reason why cave men drew on the walls, The reason why after every summer we fall" and "When the game's on, You wear the jersey of my favorite team, I yell at the TV, Knock over your beer, You're not even mad at me." And let's not forget the song titled "Always Be My One Phone Call," in which BSB extols the virtues of prison romance. Or something about a prison/breakup metaphor? #WHATISTHIS

▲ That one time when I met a hedgehog. And oh.em.golly I am in t-r-u-e l-o-v-e with it. #mfeo
▲ Kayla at Freckles in April wrote a whole blog about liking my blog...and it warmed my heart. And made my week. #bloglove #blushing #warmfuzzied
▲ The other day I saw a homeless man running and pushing his shopping cart of goods at full speed, leap forward on top of the pile of things, straddle the cart and ride down the street with his hands in the air Dances With Wolves style. It was then impossible to have a bad day.
▲ I like filling out wedding address request forms because I give myself middle names like "Sparkles" and "Pegasus." Come at me, good mail.
▲ The Endomondo app....if you're into running, it's uh-mazing. It works like Runkeeper, but you can connect with friends and see when they're out running. MEANING, you can type pep talks into the app and it will read it to them through their headphones while they're out running. It's hilarious and so perfectly distracting/motivating while you're out running. Plus, it's free! If you get it, let me know. We will connect and I will send you pep talks...probably nonsense poetry and much use of the phrase "go get 'em you sexy beast." (Camille I'm looking at you. Please join.)
▲ This news story about a kid who donated $10.03 to a police station. "If every person would do that we would have such a great world." ...amen, kid.
▲ These classical sculptures dressed as hipsters.
▲ This article on befriending loneliness. I love the poem at the top, especially the part about embracing loneliness because the missing parts of your heart/life make you realize how much you need God.
▲ And above ALL ELSE...this week my sister discovered that we have ancient Viking relatives with names like Eric Bloodaxe. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS EVER AGAIN. Apparently ol' Bloodaxe was also king of Norway (where I've randomly been dying to visit anyway) and had a debatably evil witch for a wife name Gunnhildr. Also, someone created a picture of him online:



Unknown said...

"Don't punch... our car" = KID HISTORY! I win. Also, your awkward and awesome posts are some of my favorites. Always something hilarious, whether awkward or awesome, and I love it. Also, I now really want some Dances With Wolves cart riding awesomeness in my life, so thanks for that.

Katie said...

Mikaela beat me to it! But seriously that story was crazy! Cray-cray, if you will. Who does that?

Jenna Foote said...

I know. BSB. What is wrong with you?! I love those Boys still, but come on ...

FWIL Sentimental Blog Content said...

Wish granted! Download in progress. I'll be running later tonight. Do what you wish with that info... :)