Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Waterfall on the Beach

"Don't go chasing waterfalls."

...TLC aside, I did in fact chase some waterfalls for my Labor Day adventure. I went hiking with some new friends at Point Reyes, with the ultimate destination of Alamere Falls. I tend to like hiking best when there's some kind of amazing destination in store, and not just some pointless uphill climb....so, this totally worked for me. The journey to get there wasn't too shabby either -- think ocean cliffs, tree-shrouded paths and hidden lakeside views. Not complaining at all. (Credit to my friend Jared for any of these photos that actually have people in them -- the others are just courtesy of my trusty iPhone.) (I'm the one boppin' around in the maroon "Kindness Matters" tshirt, if you're having trouble spotting me.)

Also, I read some Yelp reviews to prep for the hike and I found this amazing gem:

...indeed, let us count them.

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estherjulee said...

looks beautiful! i've been meaning to check out point reyes. :)