Thursday, September 12, 2013

A&A: Spoti-Spy & The Final Frontier

▲ Last week, two separate people texted me screenshots of Spotify telling them that "Katie has been listening to a lot of Sara Bareilles lately." It's like Spotify thinks it knows my emotional cries for help. Back off my business, Tattle-fy...Spoti-Spy....nickname options are abundant. (...also please don't tell anyone about all the Taylor Swift yesterday.)
▲ Why isn't corn a vegetable. Do you think corn and Pluto ever hang out and think, "Man, labels."
▲ Last night I was standing with a small group of people and one girl told me I reminded her a lot of someone. I immediately responded, "Ooh, is she totally great?" ....cue dead silence and shocked stares and me feeling oddly conceited. You know those moments when your sense of humor falls totally flat?
▲ These mostly cute but occasionally terrifying animal mashups, especially the elephant frog.
▲ Two days ago I thought I heard my next door neighbor choking through the window and I got nervous and ran outside, only to hear them begin vomiting. One of those, "Should I check on a stranger or let them have their space" moments. I went with space.
▲ Close standers. As a general rule, I only want people standing very close me if a) we're really good friends, b) they're my boyfriend, c) they're a medical professional, or d) they're my boyfriend and a medical professional.

▲ Proof that some people just do Craigslist marketing right, and that rambling Narnia hashtags are the best hashtags.
▲ This Posthumous Advice for my Daughter letter warms my heart, maybe because one of my besties is oh-so-British? I swear my Chantalion could have written that exact letter to me and I wouldn't bat an eye.
▲ 36 years after its launch, the Voyager 1 became the first man-made object to leave our solar system and enter interstellar space. THE FINAL FRONTIER, YOU GUYS. That little pioneer is 11.7 billion miles from home. So, so friggin cool. Phrases like this put the goosebumps on my arms: "The vast nothingness between stars that used to be beyond our reach."
▲ New Jersey decided to grant sick children access to medical marijuana. (Story here.) I am a long-time supporter of legalizing medical marijuana. A natural remedy with about zero side effects vs. the synthetic, horrible side-effect inducing pain pills we regularly pop in hospitals without a second thought? How have we not caught up to this sooner? Amen.
▲ The blog Cup of Jo did a series of guests posts about parenting in other countries, from Ireland to Congo to Abu Dhabi. I loved them! I think it's so good to question the "norm" and draw the good from all cultures. The biggest theme I noticed is that it's less shameful in some other countries to ask for help with mothering. Nannies, housekeepers, etc. are much more common overseas. I wish our largely stressed-out mama population in the U.S. had easier access to that kind of thing!
▲ This:


Unknown said...

This was one of my favorite A&A's you've ever done! I loved all the links and was pretty much cracking up the whole time.

Kylie said...

Loved that parenting series as well! These posts are always a favorite.

Chantel said...

Loved this! You find the best links and are so funny! Tattle-fy

Alicia Snow said...

That parenting series is amazing! I may have just read all of them in one sitting.

Jenna Foote said...

Ooh, if you like that article about raising kids in different countries, you would LOVE the documentary "Babies." It's so cute for one thing, but also quite eye-opening. I love it.

The animal mash-ups? Oh man. That monkameleon or whatever it was freaked me out for the rest of my life.

Brooke said...

You are awesome. Love these posts!

"Why isn't corn a vegetable" is going down in my quote book as one of my favorite things ever.

Brooke said...

Oh my heck I'm dying over the shorse. I think those mashups are so funny for some reason.