Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thoughts from...the Apple Store

So, let's be honest: I spend a lot of time alone these days. My job requires it. I love a lot of things about the flexibility and autonomy of working independently, but sometimes I'm a little starved for human conversation, a friend to eat lunch with, someone to immediately verbalize my thoughts to, etc. And so, I've taken to writing things down when there's no one there to talk to. It's like handwritten blogging. I thought it'd be fun to start sharing these random stream-of-consciousness-thought-spills,'s the first installment! Welcome to the inside of my brain.

The scene: 2 hours in the Apple Store, following a little incident with my iPhone + the kitchen floor the other night...

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I'm currently sitting in the Apple Store, waiting for the repair of my shattered iPhone screen. I dropped it in the kitchen. I think it's because I was going to do the dishes and fate was like, "No, don't." I also needed to do some writing for a new freelance writing gig, but I guess that can wait too. I'm a little bummed about the price of a new phone screen but such is life, and there are (MUCH) worse problems in the world than an issue with my fancy smartphone. I'm grateful this didn't happen a month or two ago when I was without employment, you know? My finances are still a wreck (insert metaphor about my shattered iPhone screen), but it's REALLY nice to know that there are solid paychecks coming. Hope! (Extend metaphor even further.) The kids next to me are fighting. I wonder if my kids will fight in public. I wonder how I'll react when they do.

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I wonder why we're told at church to become like little children when they whine & fight & scream so much. I think that directive could use a little honing. I like watching the people in the Apple Store (& any store, train, airport, etc.) & wondering about their lives. I wonder if anyone in this room is having the best/worst day of their life? Did anyone in here fall in love today? Does anyone have cancer? Is anyone here w/ someone they wish would fall in love with them? Is anyone else named Katie? Did any of them park right next to me, a block and one left turn away? Which employee has worked here the longest? Is it anyone's first day? Does the person sitting across from me wonder what I'm writing about? Does he think I might be writing about him? He has some kind of accent. Maybe I should. My phone has to back up before they can fix the screen.

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It had 27 minutes to go when I started this...letter, whatever it is...a couple pages ago. Now it has 28 minutes to go. So, that's promising. My forearm hurts. My handwriting might get even sloppier. I went running at 7am today. The beginning of training always sucks but it doesn't discourage me like it used to, because I know that I get through it every time. (More life metaphors, etc.) Today a girl I don't know emailed me via my blog to ask about why I moved to CA, etc. I gave her a Reader's Digest version of the last few months. She told me I'm brave & that my story gives her courage to make some similar decisions in her own life. That right there is why I blog. There are other perks, but the platform to inspire people & build new relationships is priceless to me. Blog friends are real friends. I like people. Guess what? My phone backup now has

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33 minutes to go. I might be in a magic time warp vortex, & I can't really be mad about that. I will write a young adult fiction book & call it "A Wrinkle in Time." Oh wait...that's been done. I'm glad I had this notebook and pen with me. I put it in my purse earlier because it has my grocery list in it. Yes, I made a grocery list! I don't know, trying new things. I really, really dislike grocery shopping. I wish I could hire someone to grocery shop for me. And then cook the food. And probably do laundry. OK and clean in general. I must adopt this person into my family & they can babysit my children later, too. This is a thing in other countries, you know. A live-in nanny/maid/'s the norm, in some places. I vote yes to that. I think a guy on the street earlier told me he liked my gloves but I didn't realize it

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...that 33 minutes magically ended so I went to talk to an employee. I think I have 20 min to wait now, & then 30 more. I wish I got to ride Space Mountain at the end of this.


Unknown said...

Your blog posts like this bring me such happiness, you should know.

Unknown said...

I like this post. I experience that magically increasing time warp vortex whenever I backup my computer, so it seems to be electronically induced. :)

Katie said...

I am dying about "A Wrinkle[d] in Time." SAGACIOUS.