Thursday, January 9, 2014

Half Marathon Bound! (Again!)

It's been three years (good grief) since I ran my first half marathon. High time for a sequel!

I've actually attempted to plan for a couple other halfs (and one time set my sights on a full) since 2011, but they always fell through by reason of injury, bridesmaiding at weddings, etc. I did run a couple Ragnar Relays in the interim, and some 10Ks and 5Ks here and there.

I've been in a running slump since the Napa Valley Ragnar, and I needed something to get me in gear. So, I'm officially registered for the Western Pacific Half Marathon in early May! Following which, I will work on my trail running for the Ragnar Trail Tahoe in July.

I'm currently still in the "my lungs and calves want to die when I run a couple miles" phase, but I love knowing that I've been here before and that, yes, 13.1 miles is completely possible, I just need to focus on one day at a time and what I need to accomplish here and now. I am also daily reminded that increasing my running means I am a hungry beast and must eat multiple meals a day to balance the output. Today I made a roast, potatoes and carrots in the crock pot. It will feed me for about a week. #singlebenefits

Game on, new gray running kicks!


Moonboots said...

Hey, sounds like a plan. I'm in a similar place. Started training for a marathon. Love the new running trainers. It always helps to have a little gear incentive. I'll be reading your blog to see how you get on.

Running makes me so hungry too.

Preethi said...

Yay!! We did our second half this year and you're right, it makes such a difference just knowing you've been there before and CAN do it. Good luck!

Alicia Snow said...

Go you. I don't run. Ever.

FWIL Sentimental Blog Content said...

Hooray! You know I support this! Please send many a Snapchats so I can cheer you on!

Daleian said...

I'm also in the same phase after an unwelcome pause in running but knowing we'll be crossing that finish line soon is all that matters!
Love Nike running shoes! :)

K&R said...

i need to do this. really.
i feel like i should start running again.
i just get lonely, and its hard to motivate myself, fail.