Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ciao katilda! (Going to Italy!)

So, I've decided to turn 28 in February....in Italy!

I've been trying to plan my next international excursion ever since my Iceland high wore off, and I had my eyes set on Spain for a bit (ask anyone who follows me on Pinterest). But then, one day, there was this great Italy deal online......and within a few days, I'd rounded up a couple friends and booked that sucker!

....AND I AM SooOOOooo EXCITED. I've already started compiling a Google doc of all the things I want do do, sights I want to see, and food I want to eat....and more food I want to eat....and more food....you get the idea. I'll be there for 9 days, in Rome, Florence & Venice. I already know I want to try and hit Pompei and Cinque Terre somewhere in all of that. I also work two desks away from this girl on my new Google team, and she blogged a nice Rome travel guide that I've already included in my Google doc.

Who's been to Italy? I want your favorites!

Things I'm really into: gorgeous buildings, scenic views, libraries (pictures of some Italian ones I've seen on Pinterest already make my eyes watery and we're not even in person yet....this could get bad), food (as mentioned above).....you know, all the good travel stuff.

Tell me where all the delicious/pretty things are! Ready go!

...now excuse me while I go download podcasts to teach me useful Italian phrases to practice on my commute for the next 5 months. #ciaokatilda


Emily said...

GELATO. Get gelato.

And please, please, please go to Cinque Terre. I didn't get to go during my summer trip, but another friend went and she said it's her favorite place on Earth. Same friend didn't recommend Milan, said there wasn't much to do.

I've only been to Rome in Italy but of course I have some thoughts. It's hard to navigate in the city so give yourself a lot of travel time. Go to the Colosseum as early as possible, then head over to the Roman Forum. I looooooved the forum, so many interesting turns and some great lookout points for seeing the city. Honestly, maybe I'm a terrible person, but the Vatican was "meh" to me. Do go to St. Peter's Basilica, and take the climb to the top. You get to see inside the dome and the go outside and see ALL OF THE VIEWS. But be warned, it's a terrible, tight journey up a tiny staircase.

You also climb a hill called Janiculum Hill (take 115 or 970 bus) for good views of the city. There's also a beach in Rome that not many people know about.

And of course, stuff your face with pasta and pizza.

Have an amazing trip!

FWIL Sentimental Blog Content said...

Just so giddy for you! I'm glad you're doing this first, we'll probably copy your trip a month or two later :) And aren't you glad you moved to HR? Being a starving writer is so overrated!

Kayla Moncur said...


My friend Erica literally got back from Italy yesterday. If she blogs her trip I'll send her your posts. Otherwise maybe I'll have her email you?

A. Verzello said...

Oh wow. So many things. Venice was my fav because it's unique, and because you get to cruise around in boats all day. Florence is lovely because it's artsy and there's more nature. Rome is busy busy and was not my favorite because we couldn't find any nice open spaces/parks to relax during our fun-filled days, and because we went in August when it was hot, hot, hot, but the ancient ruins and the Vatican are definitely worth experiencing in any weather. (I disagree with the previous poster about the Vatican. It's AMAZING!) I could go on and on. The Cinque Terre is very beautiful and known for its foccacia and fresh seafood. What I love most about Italy is that it's so Old World. With the crumbling buildings, simple food, and slow pace of life, it feels like you've stepped back in time. Ciao!

Unknown said...

I so so so love Italy. Go in every church and every cathedral and eat all the gelato.

And find out ahead of time when museums and places are open. Nothing worse than missing out on the Sistine Chapel when you're in Rome. (Voice of experience here. I need to go back and remedy this asap.)

emi said...

SO happy about this!!! i'm excited for you and like i told you---- FRIGIDARIUM gelato, and get cacio e pepe at roma sparita {get reservations!!!}

see you tomorrowwwwww!

Kelsey Eaton said...

ahh this sounds so exciting! I bet you'll have the best time!!