Thursday, September 18, 2014

Music: Shakey Graves

If you need a little funky, hand-clapping soul in your life (and who doesn't?)....

Then this is the song for you. My friend Carrie posted about Shakey Graves on Facebook a couple months ago, and I was immediately hooked. In fact, we bought tickets that same day to his show in San Francisco in November. (Stoked!)

Fun fact about this artist (real-life name: Alejandro Rose-Garcia): He dabbles in acting as well. If you've ever watched Friday Night Lights, he appeared as Julie's lifeguard fling, aka The Swede. (Remember him?) (Also, Julie is the worrrrrst.)

Anyway his music shakes up my soul and makes me want to shake my hips accordingly. Never a bad thing. In his own words, it's "simple, jaunty, 50s to 70s country music."

For this song he pairs with a female vocalist, Esme Patterson. I love this video -- they look like they're having a little party on stage. I'm into it. (Maybe he'll let me come on stage in San Francisco and sing with him? C'mon, The Swede! Fingers crossed!)

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Alicia Snow said...

Why do I love this so much? It just makes my soul dance.