Thursday, October 9, 2014

thirsty for rain

Here's a truth: I almost never write my blog posts actually IN Blogger.

They usually come together via notes on my phone, scraps of paper and sticky notes, and a draft email I keep open at work for writing down random thoughts without having to keep a whole browser tab open for Blogger because browser tabs are precious in my line of work, I go through dozens and dozens a day, let me tell you.

I have this little lull happening right now between finishing my work (much earlier than any other night this week, hallelujah!) and going to check out a biweekly frisbee game with people who work here. I'm a little intimidated. I'm always intimidated about playing with a new group. I've been playing for a few years, so I've done this whole try-a-new-group thing before, but it still gets me every time. The good news is, all it takes is once! I go once, and I'll know if I want to go back, or if it'll just be a bad memory to stuff away somewhere. And, I can do just once, either way :)

Anyway, this little lull. So I'm using a whole browser tab to type directly into Blogger and it feels like some kind of special luxury. Look at all this white space to fill!

Here's another truth: this post was supposed to be about rain.

I just bopped on over to hey natalie jean's page (i do love her blog and her instagram and her honesty and her style and, man, i'm jealous of her new tattoos, look at me i'm fan-girling over here) and she wrote this whole post about rain and the pictures of her rain-soaked windows and balcony made me feel all kinds of feels.

Do you know I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen rain since moving to California?

Oddly enough, I miss how much it rained in Arizona, hashtag irony.

Oh, bless that beautiful, tumultuous, warm, steamy monsoon season in the August region of Arizona! California is sunny paradise for sure.......but that's about all it is. And I love it, don't get me wrong. It's nice to be able to depend on the weather being good/calm/sunny. It's not nice that the entire state is in a drought and crops are being compromised, so that's the serious side of the issue. The non-serious side is simply that.....I miss the rain. I wrote in my last post about how my favorite kind of happiness consists of a whole variety of emotions, including everything from sad to mad and joy to silliness.

I guess I like my weather like I like my happy. With flavors.

But, not snow flavors. HEAVEN FORBID NOT FROZEN SNOWY FLAVORS. Four years in a snowy state for college will suck any faint snow-loving tendencies right out of any respectable desert rat :)

Also, I feel weird about the phrase "snow flavors." Except that it makes me want shaved ice real bad.

And now it's time for me to play frisbee, so this post is what it is. xoxoxo all you cats :)

p.s. me, once, several years ago in the AZ rain:

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Myke said...

The real questions is, when you do write a post in Blogger, do you use Compose or HTML mode?