Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Halloweekend Recap

Hey boys and ghouls! Happy Halloweekend! (I just made that word a thing.) (This will be my moneymaker.)

Real question: Can something be your moneymaker if you can't shake it? Ummm here, look -- I dressed up! (Did you?)

This weekend was REAL good. Other than the fact that the Suns just lost to the Jazz a few minutes ago after starting the season 2-0 over the Lakers and the Spurs, which, way to make me fall in love again and then really kick me to the curb, you know? (It's OK Suns, I still love you xoxoxo) (But the JAZZ??) (I'll go now)

Things I did in the last 24 hours: Enjoyed the (FINALLY) rainy weather, ate pizza with friends, went to a dance party (at which I danced briefly and then was done with that) (took about 15-20 min?), attempted to have a good experience by going to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show (You guys what WAS that? We ended up walking out -- I've never done that in a movie theatre before. Just...never. Neverrrrr go see that movie.) ....back to my list: went to the rainy park this morning to play football but that turned into just going to eat brunch (which turned into awkwardly crawling into my friend Michelle's BMW which turned into this picture), vacuumed my car out, cleaned stuff at home and did laundry, attended a dance-ation exercise class and shook my tail feather (and my moneymaker?), started watching Grey's Anatomy (what's a girl to do with no more Parks & Rec for now???? trying out something new), ate some curly fries that my tummy now regrets, talked to my Papanwa on the phone for a good long while......yeah, it's been a real good weekend! Now I'm chillin' in sweatpants with freshly painted nails (finally!), and the night is young and includes many important options like reading, writing in my journal, eating snacks, watching more Grey's, or potentially painting my toenails also. My apartment is my oyster. (Shhh just go with it)

I feel very much like myself lately.

Rather than hit you with awkward vagueness, I'll just say there's some medicines (see: birth control) in my system now that's doing REAL good things for my body and hormones....and it just feels good to have that ironed out. I have spent the last few weeks feeling really alert, awake, friendly, sociable, hyper....I mean, a lot of things I used to be a lot more of back in college, that I haven't been so much in awhile (mostly for awhile I have just perpetually wanted naps) (I do still love naps). I think I was attributing it to getting older and adult-onset introversion, but....hormones are a b*tch, is maybe the real answer. (Does it count as a censor if I only * one letter? Is * a verb? Shrug.) Anyway, the point is, I feel like I've come out of a fog I didn't quite know I was in for awhile.....and these are a lot of intimate details of my life (my fingernails are purple, by the way, just so we've put EVERYTHING out there), but I just want to share that I am feeling good, and very clear-headed, and very much like myself. Rock on, medical science! (insert high five emoji) (and a middle-finger emoji for those crazy-A hormones)

So....yeah! The weather is still rainy and delicious over here in the bay. So I'm gonna get back to my chill Saturday evening. I hope you're all doing something excellent as well. Feel free to tell me what you did this weekend and what you dressed up as for Halloween and what color your fingernails are and how much you love the Suns too. xoxox

Also, look what I can do:

(hashtag hardcore parkour)


AniqaDreams said...

My fingernails are natural color, I don't know the Suns (I am sorry - UK girl here), my weekend was filled with work, and I seriously admire your parkour skills ;)

Also, LOVED this post!

Aniqa Dreams

FWIL Sentimental Blog Content said...

Hormones are a *itch (see what I did there?) BC is such a lifesaver and oh how I miss it! I'm glad it's doing good things for you!