Monday, November 3, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like....

....November! And that means....almost Christmas! Christmas month eve! The holidays! Go time!

Yes, I realize my last post was about Halloween so it might feel like things escalated a bit quickly. I can't help it and....I don't care. CHRISTMAS! I let my mind wander at work for a bit today and -- other than the usual daydreams about bearded men and getting a puppy -- my thoughts turned to trees, tinsel and something-else-alliterative-and-festive-that-starts-with-a-T. (Tiny Tim? Umm tequila? No?)

I know haters gonna hate (hate hate hate hate - T. Swift), but I like my Christmas season to be good and long. It's such a delicious time of year -- why try and confine it? Gotta let that happy shiz spread its wings and fly.

Calendars fill up fast for Christmas season.

Mine included. I'm already planning several excellent things, including a tree probably like this one, all sparse-branched and elegant and packed with tinsel. (Remember Bruce Spruceteen from last year? and Doug Funny before that?) I'm already planning and looking forward to decorating the tree with sparkly things, reading A Christmas Carol for book club, wearing scarves and gloves as often as California weather permits, heading to Union Square in the city for some ice skating, attending The Nutcracker at the San Francisco Ballet (did you know the SF Ballet hosted the U.S. premiere of The Nutcracker in 1944? It's historic!), listening to Christmas music non-stop and....taking sugar cookies to my neighbors who I mostly haven't met? But what bonds people like sugar cookies and Christmas, right?? Yeah!

Side Note: If you are a decent human being and share a laundry room with your apartment complex, one thing you must never ever do is hang a wet suit up to dry in said laundry room, especially when it is dimly lit in the evening hours, because that wet suit might look like a person lurking in the corner and scare the bajeebies out of your Katie-neighbor. (I mean, do you want sugar cookies or not??) End side note.

The point is, Christmas is officially under my skin. I've been bitten.

("I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!") Last year I wrote a post about wanting a simple Christmas. I reread it today and it still just feels like a lot of truth to me: "Mostly, I just hope I never need an article in a magazine to teach me how to 'stay sane' and 'survive' such a precious, simple, sacred season." Yes. Because even with all the stuff I listed above, I still want my season to be happy, calm and chaos-free. Just simple. Service, love, good food and my people. (And plenty of Mariah Carey, you know!)

Three weeks until tree-getting time! Until then it'll just be me and my tinsel daydreams over here, planning and scheming and...gleaming and......comet and cupid and donner and blitzen!


The Suzzzz said...

I wish you enjoyment of the season, but my grinchy self was Christmased out about a week ago (I work for a company that does Holiday lighting and decorating). Jackson Brown's "Rebel Jesus" best sums up my feeling about the holiday.

Emily said...

Katie! Just this morning on my drive to work I started thinking about Christmas and my thoughts were in all caps because CHRISTMAS. It's all so exciting!

I feel like your wetsuit story could be on a list of "You know you live in California when..."

FWIL Sentimental Blog Content said...

And this also means like 6 weeks until we can go get a taco together! That is my Christmas wish!

Myke said...

I don't know how you're going to top last year's Christmas tree name.