Tuesday, December 11, 2012

doug funny the friendliest christmas tree

maybe the most adult thing i've ever done happened on friday night, when i drove to the local tree lot and picked out my very first real live christmas tree, all on my very own.

first i passed through the seven levels of the candy cane forest, then through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops...

ok actually i walked aimlessly around the little corner tree lot that for some reason features a rock climbing wall, circling nearly every tree and evaluating them in several crucial categories such as charm, poise, talent and final interview question...

and then there he was.
plump and stout and practically perfect in every way!
i named him doug funny, and immediately became emotionally attached.

and on saturday he insisted on borrowing some casual weekend wear, and i was like "OK doug funny but I don't think we're the same size..."

and then last night i came home and doug funny had put his fancy on...

i try to let him express himself.
also, i add things like 7up and a bit of bleach to his water, because the internets told me so.

and really, all of this leads me to believe that i might actually be turning into one of those women who would dress a small dog in sweaters and carry it in my purse.

actually it's kind of my life goal to be an eccentric old woman.

do you have a tree? real or fake? plump or skinny? do tell!

doug funny forever,


Meg said...

I love ELF! Cute tree!! Doug Funny is the most handsome tree I've ever seen :-) Xo

Katie said...

All of this just makes me like you even more. And I miss the smell of a real tree real bad, so maybe I'll just come visit sometimes. ;)

Priscilla said...

Fake pre-lit that I only put up for my cat's entertainment.

Kerry said...

ha, this is amazing. that's pretty big-girl-brave of you to go alone and get a tree! i can also assure you that you would absolutely put your dog in clothing because it just happens, it's so strange. and lastly, i haven't any tree to share. but when i get back to my family.. the trees shall be plentiful. :) :)

karajean said...

Real Treez 4 Lyfe!

This is something I am very passionate about. Clearly.

Jacqueline said...

doug funny is quite charming! i always look forward to your posts, katie, because you always leave me laughing and smiling and just feeling generally happy and optimistic about life. luvyas. Xx!