Monday, December 17, 2012

he told me i was hotter than the sun

so i've officially been exploring this whole online dating thing for a week now.

and what has come of it?
several odd people, a couple normal people, and many laughable moments., pretty much what i expected!


favorite moments of the week:
1. the artist who told me i'm stunning and asked if he could paint me.
2. the 40-yr-old man who said i'm hot enough to make the sun jealous.
3. the guy who told me i'm beautiful and we'd have beautiful children together.

kudos to them all for the ballsy approaches, eh?
i'm confident they will each find a lady who wants what they have to offer.
but i'm probably not that girl.

fail of the week:
the fella who said my bachelor's degree (family & human development) sounded like the kind of degree girls go to school for because they aren't married yet.
mmmmmscuse me?

i have had a couple normal encounters, on a better note.
i might even meet one of them in person soon.
you know, safely in a public place because that's how this is done.
and yes my palms are already sweating but ima be brave because that's what i do.

a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils,


Amy said...

my degree is in family and human development too and when people, particularly guys, make comments like that... ooh, it is not okay.

Katie said...

hahaha wow. i want to hear all about the hopefully-normal one.

Unknown said...

hahahahaha. this is greaaaaaat. by the way, i didn't know that's what you majored in! that's what i want to do, but haven't 100% decided yet so i may someday come to you with questions :)