Monday, December 10, 2012

welcome to the mysterious world of online dating

people ask me all the time if i've considered online dating.
truthfully, lately a lot of my friends have taken to this modern endeavor.
and several of them have found success!

one example of success:

what? of course i'm friends with tom and meg. clearly.

my initial concerns:
Q: would it be embarrassing if people i know see me on there?
A: duh, that means they're on there too. 
besides, i'm blogging about it so now you all know anyway. FULL DISCLOSURE, PEOPLE.

Q: does online dating make you seem desperate?
A: eh, i wouldn't label most of my friends as desperate who are using it.

Q: is it unromantic to meet someone online?
A: i figure that's just step one. you still get to build the rest of the story in-person, e.g. first date, etc.

Q: can't people just tell dirty lies and hide behind the internets?
A: maybe, but people can lie in person too. i figure it's similar to going on a blind date -- you still figure out what you need to know after meeting in person. i'll be a smart cookie and only meet them in a public place, i won't be handing out my address or social security # or anything.

as you know, i found myself recently single again.
and all my online-dater friends were like, "do it katie! do it!"
and then i got a fever all weekend.
and after lying in bed for like 3 solid days, something crazy came over me.

and now i have an online dating profile? how did that happen?
germs, was that you?

but you know...i figure it can't hurt. i'm sure good stories will come of this.
and if i hate it, i'll break the wrist and walk away.

and it asks me important questions such as:
If I had my choice of the following options, I would live...

duh, tree house.

So we go?

what about you? your thoughts on online dating?
please let this be like tom hanks & meg ryan!


Jacqueline said...

i know so many people who have met their better halves through online dating, so i think it's awesome - just be safe, which i'm sure you will be! Xx

Katie said...

that makes me really happy :) especially the tree house part.

Jayme said...

Just be safe! Have someone go with you and hide a few tables away! :)

katilda said...

haha I would totally do that. Yeah I doubt I'll even give my phone # to a guy before meeting him in person. Just plan when/where to meet. Old-fashioned style. And then if he weirds me out I'll secretly text a roommate to "happen to show up" outside the restaurant to walk to my car with me. Don't worry, I've thought it all through. hahaha

Katie said...

A Tree House. Uhm, yes.

Best of luck! There are TONS of stories of internet-love gone good. I was Maid-of-Honor for an e-Harmony wedding. :)

flutefairy said...

I didst do online dating for a few months. It was really great for a girl like me who never goes on dates normally. I will probably do it again in a January if I can convince myself to stop being bitter at boys (sigh). Anyways, I went on dates with probably 25 or 30 different guys and none of them were any more creepy than you would find in a standard ward. Just remember that they are just normal boys with normal weaknesses and that none of your weaknesses or insecurities go away either. Best of luck!

Elizabeth Downie said...

You should go for it! I've dabbled in it in the past a little and haven't found true love, but I have met a few nice guys and haven't been murdered so I'd call it a success. ;)

Also, my cousin met her husband online and they are totally meant for each other. So you never know!

Unknown said...

Once upon a time there was a girl and her name was Elise and she and her roommate had stayed up until way late in the evening and were by their lonesomes and started discussing online dating. They asked all of these same questions and came up with the same answers. So, they signed up for LDS singles.

I'm done with third person now. I've never paid for my account, so I can only send flirts and whatnot. One time this boy sent me a message on the first snowfall of the season and the subject was "have you looked outside your window?" but I couldn't read the message since I didn't pay. So, when I didn't respond forever, he realized that that may have been creepy. So he sent me another message (which I still couldn't read) with the subject "disregard the subject line of that last message". Long story short, we found each other on FB, he apologized for his potential creepiness and we went on a date. It was neat. We did not fall in love. But that is the story of how I stuck it to the man and tried online dating without paying.

Also, I get on every couple months and put my profile picture up and glance around for some hotties. Then I psych myself out and decide I don't want to be on LDS singles and I remove my picture. I never just delete my account though, because it takes seven years to fill that stuff out.


Whitney said...

Girlfriend, I've met three guys who I've talked to online and none of them were a love connection but now I'm talking to guy number four and I think I've found a gem and we're meeting soon... are you on ldssingles? I'd love to have a chat with you about it!!