Thursday, December 20, 2012

checking in on my famous olivia twin ▲

remember that time when olivia thirlby stole my face?
well, seeing as how she's running around hollywood looking like me and stuff, i figure i should check in on her now and again.

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imdb has informed me that olivia has several movies in the works.
....but liv, we need to talk about this.

i mean, one of the films is simply called "the movie" and the entire plot summary consists of "the story of a young man in los angeles." and that other one? "mystery white boy"? i mean, even imdb put a a bunch of question marks next to the title.

miss thirlby, our reputation is at stake!
but you know what? ima choose to trust your judgment.

and have you noticed all those foreign men always commenting on your facebook fan page telling you how sexy and talented you are? good work.

also, i dig your jewelry selections:
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go get 'em liv and look good doing it,

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Katie said...

You totes look like her and you're both hotties!