Friday, December 28, 2012

how to dress for mars ▲

have you ever studied the planet mars in school? i remember learning that the temperatures are so extreme that you can boil on the side facing the sun and freeze to death on the other side.

the desert is a funny thing.

i know i'm weak when it comes to cold temps (cold being anything below 55) but arizona has a special way of making you need a wool coat when it's dark and then demanding t-shirts and sandals all afternoon.

here's how i've been handling this interplanetary season in the wardrobe department:

 boots, striped tee & cardi: target // dark skinnies: no idea // head wrap: burlington // mittens: gift
red heels: target // color block accordion skirt: F21 // polka-dot silk button-up: ross
 boots: target // gray spants: walmart // striped cardi: gift // scarf: tilly's
boots & red sweater: target // jeans: downeast // bubble necklace: sassy steals
 black boots: target // red floral skirt: F21 // blue tee: walmart // necklace: roommate
fringe mocs & green skinnies: jc penney's // blue plaid button-up: walmart // black infinity scarf: no idea
 brown oxfords: payless // pink tights: gift // gray dress: thrifted // green scarf: fry's (yes the food store)
boots & green sweater: target // gray spants: walmart // white scarf: payless
 boots: target // beige skirt: my sister // red plaid: random store in CA // green scarf: fry's
gray maxi & purple cardi: target // floral tank: pac sun
brown boots: target // beige skirt: my sister // blue turtleneck: no idea // necklace: roommate
...and the entire outfit on the right is my "i'm playing frisbee at night and it's freezing" look.

xoxo from marsizona,


Chantel said...

Love love love. I love how you tied this post to Mars and the crazy climate changes so you have to be versatile in the way you dress. You have amazing style! Your running outfit reminds me of myself. No doubt if we lived closer, we'd be good friends.

(re-posted my comment from crappy grammar in the first one)

katilda said...

haha! i can't tell you how often i delete and re-post comments for that reason. i completely agree about us being friends if we lived closer.

chrissyblake said...

1. I love the random wonderfullness of the posts title today.
2. I see that the windchime made a debut on your blog. and I love it.
3. I meant to send you an email the other day to thank you for being so wonderful and to tell you I think my breathing is FINALLY getting on track for this whole "I want to be a runner" kick im on. :)
Love your face.

also, raise your hand if your grammar sucks and you know it (insert me raising mine :) )

Chantel said...

Okay, so I should probably just email you this comment, but I'm typing here already. So I was over on Wild and Wily Ways reading her post today about growing up and waiting for her time to come with a guy that can handle that she has had to grow up a lot on her own. Then I was scrolling down to leave a comment and saw yours (which was strange because I'm reading this girl's blog I don't really know and up pops a mutual friend). Anyway, so I read your comment, and I relate SO completely. About "needing" someone. YES! Because I also learned a self-sufficiency where men didn't know how to fit in to my life because I wasn't an inept, do-nothing. I had actually lived, gotten a career, made something of myself. And that left them feeling insecure. So I got that line a lot too. But I LOVE that you said you like that about yourself! That you don't "need" someone. But you would welcome someone expanding the world you have already built for yourself. But you don't need someone to build it for you, and you definitely don't want someone that you have to build theirs too. Well, now I'm just rambling. Your comment inspired me though, so I had to come tell you. And also say I agree.

katilda said...

Ooh yes yes! I love that you discovered my comment on a different blog! And I very much appreciate that you can relate. All those words you just said in this comment made me nod my head up and down. It's people like you (who are like me) that give me hope that I'm not a difficult-to-please weirdo and that love is still an option as an independent gal :) Or maybe we are difficult to please and that's actually not a bad thing so much after all.

Unknown said...

Ha oh man this was a really entertaining post! You're hilarious : ) And can I have your adorable little figure? K thanks.

xo, Melanie from My Billie

Chantel said...
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Chantel said...

Hahaha! I used to think that about myself - are my expectations too high, did I somehow overqualify myself or something - haha, so it definitely helps to know someone else is experiencing this same dichotomy. Nope, we're just that awesome!! :)

Abigail said...

I love your style, Katie! Especially in that last photo :)