Wednesday, December 19, 2012

party like it's the end of the world

note: i do not actually believe the world is ending this friday.
but if it was...what would i do with myself?

here are a few whimsical things i would squeeze in before it's all ashes and hellfire around these parts.
which sounds like july in arizona anyway.

1. go to europe
i'd stop shuffling my feet, hop on a jet plane and spend my last hours with some gelato in cinque terre or bicycling along an irish cliffside.


2. say any "i love you" i never said
i'm usually good at being brave and just putting it all out there, the confessions and apologies and whatnot. 
but, admittedly, there's a few i should have told that i never told and what better time to tell someone you've probably always loved them than when the world is about to end?


3. wear and hear and eat all my favorites
there would be a feast of tacos and fudgsicles, with all my favorite music playing, all while wearing an assortment of my favorite shoes and scarves and plaid shirts and sequin skirts all mismatched and wonderful. so basically i'd fulfill my life dream of being an eccentric old woman.


4. kiss somebody with reckless abandon
haven't you always wanted to do this, like in the movies? just grab someone and not worry about what it might mean or what you might have to explain or if the relationship is going to work out or blah blah blah? it should probably be raining when this happens, and i'll have my fancy sequins on.


5. give goods to people who need goods
i have a serious squishy spot for the poor, the needy, the sick, the lonely, the lost, etc.
if it was the end of the world, i'd rally all the business owners and hotels and say IT'S TIME! and then i'd fling the doors wide open and invite all the lost people in for food and love and comfort.
and there would be tacos.


what about you?
what would you do if the world was ending? where would you go? say? see?
and why aren't you already doing it now?


val of the south said...

There should always be tacos :)

his little lady said...

1, 3, and 5 are my absolute favorites! Love this :)
xo TJ

Elisabeth Gee said...

I LOVE this!!! :) You are too hilarious! :) PS I've always wanted to kiss someone with reckless abandon.