Wednesday, December 26, 2012

let your heart be light

some festive pictures and tales of christmas past...aka yesterday:

les miserables: SO GOOD...full review to come soon.

the guitar: my pops hand-painted this for my mama when they were dating in 1978, and i gave it new pegs and strings for christmas.

pink polka-dot tights: at the grocery store on saturday an old lady noticed my pink polka dot tights and informed me i have spots on my legs.  she then hung out by me in the checkout line and asked me if I was contagious (garnering hesitant looks from the other shoppers). she also suggested they would look better with a white dress, but that it's "pretty cute" the way I wore them. and finally, she decided my groceries cost too much and handed me a $10 coupon. i think it was a christmas miracle.

the fathead nickname: i'm not sure how this happened, but it happened freshman year of college and i'm still getting mail from certain friends with the nickname in all its glory.

...and what is christmas without matching striped pajamas? also, i got to play ultimate frisbee twice this weekend. so all in all, it was a loverly holiday.

from now on our troubles will be out of sight.

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Kerry said...

ha! the polka dot tights. wonderful, i love it. i still have not seen les mis. i think they'll take away my actor union card for this. merry merry!