Friday, December 7, 2012

we need a little retail therapy

thanks for the sweet comments on yesterday's post,
i am actually doing quite well so far today!
keepin' the chin up and stuff.

and what better to keep the mood cheery than a few outfit pics?

 blue cardi: tilly's // linen frock: nat the fat rat // leggings: target // fringe mocs: jc penney's
creme shirt: ross // green pants: jc penney's // tan boots: target
 green cardi, sequin shirt & nude shoes: target // printed skirt: junieblake
black cardi: no idea // ruffle tank: gift // green pants: jc penney's // black flats: target
blue scarf: tilly's // green cardi: target // striped tee: ross // jeans: urban outfitters // tan boots: target
two-tone chambray: F21 // pearl necklace: no idea // floral skinnies: the jean girl // black flats: target
 mustard lace-back shirt: F21 // chambray skirt: goodwill // pocahontas boots: the icing
 rose cardi, polka dot dress, leggings & black flats: all target
teal & brown polka dot blouse: F21 // jeans: urban outfitters // brown boots: target
red silk blouse: busy bee lauren garage sale // dark skinnies: no idea // leopard flats: target
green shirt: gift // clock necklace: charlotte russe // red floral skirt: F21 // black flats: target

the reds & greens are starting to take over because tis the season!


Jacqueline said...

you are such a cutie pie. i love your outfit posts!

Meg said...

colored jeans for the win. love.

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure I have those same tan boots a la target. Do they have an extra zippery thing down at the bottom that doesn't actually move but keeps you from sitting indian-style comfortably? If so, we're twins. Again. :)