Wednesday, December 12, 2012

oh (nerdy) christmas tree ▲

not to be outdone by the infamous doug funny,
today my coworkers decided to decorate the office.

and this is what happens when computer programmers get festive.
ladies and gentlemen, the floppy disk christmas stick tree:

not pictured: the obi-wan kenobi star wars figurine.

then they made fun of me for instagramming it before i even posted it.

"hey katie, are you going to put a FILTER on that photo...?"
*snickering from the programming room*

we normally use the floppy disks as coasters,


Unknown said...

So, my friend works at this nerdy software company and sometimes I go visit her for lunch. On the way to the lunch room, we always pass room #404. One day, someone put up a sign on the door that says "error: room not found" and I think the room might actually be empty. So, that's neat.

Also, floppy disk coasters FTW.

Also also, I love doug funny more.

katilda said...

Ahhh room 404! That is amazing and clever!