Thursday, July 16, 2009

American Pie

I think the title of this blog might also be the title of a dirty teen movie. I promise there's no correlation....

Well, it's halfway through July and I could already tell my monthly update was going to be HUGE if I waited til the end of the month, so I decided to knock some of it out of the way by posting about my 4th of July!

Truthfully....this is my favorite holiday. It represents everything SUMMER and everything WARM and everything FAMILY & FRIENDS and everything involving FIREWORKS.

The past couple summers I've been holed up at EFY during this beautiful holiday, but this year i CELEBRATED! In review...

Waking up and running outside in our pajamas to watch the parade on University Ave.
Eating the apple pie my roommates Abby and Kate made.
Ice blocking with roommates and friends.
Attempt at tie-dying shirts (more on this in the actual monthly update.)
Sitting with my feet in the pool with my roommate Kelsey.
Wearing a shirt that says "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Boys."
Traveling to a field on campus to prepare for fireworks, like 4 hours early.
Eating a picnic dinner and throwing a frisbee around.
Relocating from the field to the parking lot right outside the stadium....
....hence, getting to overhear the SheDaisy and JONAS BROTHERS concert for free.
Being so close to the fireworks show that the ground shook every time one went off.
Actually playing with fireworks (Arizona puts a lid on that hobby really quick...I was fascinated like a little kid probably would be).
Having leftover sparklers for weeks to come...

mmmm :) All in all, not too shabby!

And now, pictures! Plus some random ones that didn't make June's post but should have.

They raised this giant flag outside the stadium...I think it has holes in it so the wind wouldn't blow it away like a giant sailboat.

More flag jumping...

Ice blocking! And Provo mountains (mandy you love them...)

Buying my very first sparklers!

Ah, more of the matching pictures....

This one is my favorite...

This is when me and my roommates went to see Beauty and the Beast (the play) at an outdoor theatre in Orem! So fun! I think we will go back for West Side Story this month.

Roommate breakfast! We went in our PJ's. I look like I'm their special homeless friend in this one. My outfit: Green hoodie, ill-fitting Thomas the Tank Engine pants (that i made myself in sewing class a couple years ago) and leopard-print slipper-boots (thanks mom).

Myself and Abby at said breakfast...

My very LAST first day of school EVER! I figure if little kids take these pictures before school then I should make it full-circle and finish it off the same way. I put a bow in my hair for the occasion...and included the porch swing.

That's all, kids! Now watch the video in the next blog and laugh a lot.


The Ballard Family said...

I DO love the mountains! I DO!!!!
Those pictures of you guys jumping in front of the flag are my favorite. SO cute. I feel like I want to print one out and hang it up in my house during the fourth of july season. Even though I only in that picture.
July sounds like it has been fun. Can you believe this month will be the last full month you will update from provo??
Oh, and how can I not comment on Maggleby's? Oh, how glad I am you took me there!!!
If you have to be homeless somewhere, that's a good spot to do it.
I like SheDaisy.
The End.

Mrs. Allens Class said...

Katie look at choo with your red shoes and all... SASSY! Love that we have the same shirt ha ha. And it is likely that we will run into each other seeing as how you will be living here soon! That's awesome. Where will you live?