Wednesday, July 1, 2009

hop on my junebuggy

holy horse-radish-sauce, where in the sam hill did the last month go? When did time start moving so fast? Oh always does that when life is good. Tricky.

K well i'm busy up to my ears with school and whatnot so hopefully i can make this quick....but i've never been at that, eh?

Here it is, the dear ol' month of June in review:

- Got new strings on my guitar.

- Finished spring term. Didn't fail my classes :) Actually, i did much better than i expected...

- Roommate prayer. We do this every night! And then we talk for way too long. It's the best :)

- UP. Okay, this is officially my new favorite movie. It's soooo stellar! You must put it on your must-see list. Go today, maybe...

- Rainy weather. Well, i wrote this on the list after i enjoying a couple days of rainy weather....then the rainy lasted for a week....then three weeks....Someone told me it's the rainiest June that Utah has had in like decades or something. Naturally, it would be the first summer I've lived in Utah. But I do like a rainy day now and again :)

- Bishop's challenge. Okay, so my Bishop challenged everyone in the ward to do the following: Read 10 min of scriptures every morning and pray for 5 min. Spend a couple minutes having quiet pondering time in the afternoon. Then at night read for 10 min again and pray for 5. It's been a bit difficult to keep up with all of this (praying for 5 min definitely takes some getting used to, even though it doesn't sound too intense...) Anyways it's been really good for me to do this....blessings have followed, of course.

- Stake activity. Oooh my stake put on this rockin' hoe-down activity up at someone's mansion in the canyon. There was cornbread. Woot.

- Sasquatch Gang. After much recommendations from a certain brother (ahem*androo*ahem) i finally sat my friends down and we watched this crazy ol' movie. I'm still not sure what i think of it....except i know me and my roommates keep quoting it and laughing. hmmm...

- Eat Yellow Snow. Yes, i wore the infamous "i'm from arizona and i've been to bahama bucks" shirt to campus and within minutes someone from Mesa targeted me and we shared joyous memories of shaved ice. Mmmm. Love it.

- The Giver. So, lots of you have probably read this book....someone decided to make a play out of it! I was lucky enough to go on a date to see it. I also got to eat chocolate covered raisins while watching it. Can't say it was a bad night! The play was a bit spazzy (e.g. they made the Giver a woman. Can you do that??) but overall it stayed pretty true to the book.

- Singing in church. Yes, i busted those ol' vocal cords back out and i sang in Sacrament Meeting! It was fun. I like doing that.

- When i sang in church i new red heels! Look at me go! I love them. I think it makes me officially a woman to own a pair of red a rite of passage. I've made it, world!

- 80s dance party. Yep our ward had a dance party. The best part was dressing up, of course...

- Grilled cheese and avocado samitches. My new lunchtime passion! Go. Eat. Crave.

- Pizza making. Made a pizza with my roommate Abby! Whole wheat crust...topped with tomato sauce, cheese, tomatoes, olives, pineapple, and green chile things. Sometimes it's fun to have a vegetarian roommates because making things without meat is ten times easier anyways!

- Scripture memorizing. Ah, yours truly has officially become a memorizer of scriptures! I surprised myself by discovering that this actually comes easily to me. I always thought i was bad at memorizing. Anyway, instead of doodling on my notes in class when i get bored, now i write down my memorized scriptures over and over so i don't forget them. Not a bad hobby, I say...

- Saran door. We got pranked! Someone saran wrapped our door frame and squished newspaper between the saran wrap and the door...hence, when we opened the door a torrential flood of crumpled up New York Times avalanched into our living room. I uncrinkled some and got my newspaper-reading fix for the week....then we hid it all behind the couch, just in case...

- Last first day! Ahhh yes, i recently had my last first day of school....EVER! My roommate took a picture of me on my way out the door. Cute, huh?

- Kelsey. It is beloved former roommate and friend since the beginning of freshman year (hooray for people who transfer from the same college to the same college...) has returned to me from a 2-month stint in Europe! She's moving in tonite. Let the mountains shout for joy! (I owe this phrase to my scripture memorizing....)

- Intramurals! Yes.....i am a regular frisbee competin' girl once again. In fact, i have a game in one hour. I simply adore this.

And the biggest highlight of the month....

- ROADTRIP TO CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!! Not enough room for all the exclamation points this deserves. In a ride, six flags, hookups to stay for cheap at Marriotts, multiple taco stands, beach beach BEACH! Couldn't ask for more. Apologies that only one person on the trip took pictures and i've yet to get them from him....and, well, we only took like 6 anyways. Just try and picture it in your minds and i'll try to dig up at least one good photo to share in the future!

Okay that's all i've got! I'm so stoked to get on to a month of 4th of july-ing (favorite holiday EVERRRRR) and finishing school! Bring it on....

Enjoy the pictures, sorry they are sparse....i would promise to do better but i know i probably won't....

Yes, one day myself and Abby (roommates) showed up at the office (coworkers) wearing very similar outfits. This is when you know you are truly friends...Me and Abby making our amazing pizza!
Me, Lars and Kate being lovely.
Me and Lars and Abby randomly all matched one week at church. This is the week I sang in church....note the red heels...
Decked out for the 80s party! I just realized i'm making the same silly face in this picture as i did in the previous one. Hrrmm. Also, all these pictures are of me and Abby because i stole most of them from her blog....good thing I love Abby so i don't mind!

That's all. Live long and prosper!


Hawkes said...

YAY for red heels!!

The Ballard Family said...

Ohhh, reading this post made me miss Provo so much! Roommate prayer, staying up talking all night, rainy weeks, finding joy in running into people from the same general area as you, drinking in that special spirit that lives in being surrounded by opportunities to grow in spirit...lalalala, I love Provo!
Okay, but this is not about me. This is about you and your semester o' fun. I am happy you are having fun because I felt like a big ol' jerk for a while there, praising Provo and you...not. Haha...but, not to sound strange but...I thought your vegetarian roommate was...more...ethnic...andnamed Little Kim or something? I am not being funny...I really thought that...
You've inspired me with the bishop's challenge and the memorizing of scriptures. Hmm. I may take that and run with it.
Katie...all of a sudden, in this post, you are grown up. I don't know why this one more than others but for some reason you are suddenly a grown up and it makes me feel very...emotional. Haha...maybe it has something to do with a fantastic yoga session I had this morning or something and my emotions are on the surface but anyway... :)
Also, when I saw that you had posted I thought, wow, she's posting in the middle of the month! How strange! But NO, it appears it is July now. So, you are not alone in your wondering where the month went.
But I think that I am alone in my novel of a comment, so I shall end.
Good month.
One more and you're practically graduated.
Oh, emotional.

The Ballard Family said...

Um...I think I meant to say that this post made me miss YOU so much, not Provo...because you're my sister and that's just...a place...and I'm not emotionally distant...

Sherri Romney said...

Love reading your posts. My favorite part was the red heels. Dang Bonnie just beat me to the punch commenting on them haha! ;)

Abigail said... was a good month! And I'm loving the song--makes me feel like I'm sitting in a grassy field under a big tree in the summertime during the 1950s.