Sunday, July 5, 2009

Modeling School?

Decided the time had come to take some graduation pictures....some good, some awkward...


The End. That'll be 5 dollars for viewing. It'll feed me when i'm a poor college grad. (Or, mom, you can just make me tacos. Every day. Love you.)


The Ballard Family said...

If I knew how to spell a cat call, I would. :)
You are foxy!
Seriously, those are so cute. I love them. I can't decide if I like the sweet smiley ones or the excited jumping ones best.
But I LOVE the laughing so hard you have laugh lines one because that makes you my sister. We look the same when we laugh hard.
I am going to need one or some of those for my sibling wall in my house.
I'm going to show these to the kids tomorrow when they get up and they will love them!
That is all.
So tired.
Your sista friend.

KP said...

so cute! i love them all. you're pretty :)

dani said...

gorgeous dawlin', gorgeous.

joelle said...

those are beautiful!!

Matt said...

Well it's better than molding school.

Sherri Romney said...

You are gorgeous! Love them!

Hawkes said...

I love your pictures! I did a jumping picture for my highschool graduation and it wore me out! ha ha Hey...we should take lots of pictures for a craft club!!

Ashley said...

First off, loved loved loved reading your comment! To settle your concern about photoshopped waterfall pictures...they're REAL! Crazy huh? It seriously looked so fake even being there!

Second, it makes me so happy that you compared Trev and I to argyle sweaters. Can life get much better??...i submit that it CANNOT! ;)

Third, ADORABLE graduation pictures!! You look so tan! I'm impressed :)

Fourth, when are you draggin your booty down to this hot box we call AZ so we can be friends again???

Fifth, love yer guts ;)

Meg said...

oh katie these are really cute!! the last one is a winner!