Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mario Apocalypto

I saw this on my cousin Emily's facebook page.
I laughed.
I wanted to share.
This is as far as I go in supporting violent video games ;)

"They're gonna have to get down there and hack, and hack, and hack..."
"That is, if they survive the bomb..."
"Practical skills like building shelters out of abandoned cars and collecting drinking water in human skulls."
"The fact is, most of our kids are going to mutants..."


The Ballard Family said...

hahahahaha, oh my gosh.
For the first half of that, I was seriously thinking. " this..real?"
Hahaha...I need to increase my sarcasm-sensing skills. Is there a video game for that???
That was awesome; I can't wait to show
p.s. the word it wants me to type is "driadl". I desperately want to make this something funny and referencing a jewish holiday but I am just GO.

Hawkes said...

you have way too much up there in utah!!