Monday, April 22, 2013

What to Buy at Thrift Stores: Scarves

Scarves, neckerchiefs and ascots, oh my!

Call them what you will, but I love me a good feminine piece of fabric neckwear. The problem is, I never owned that many of the light summery type. But luckily for me, on a Friday evening outing to Savers, I came across an entire treasure trove of pretty little scarves...for 99 cents! So, I bought five of them.

If you're looking for different ways to tie scarves, check out this video.

And OK, so maybe I bought a dress at Savers too:

Scarf: $0.99, Savers // Dress: $4, Savers // Belt: $8, Target // Shoes: $10, F21

I decided to stray from my typical "take a shabby selfie in my smudgy bathroom mirror in a room where the light doesn't work" and fiddled with the self-timer on my iPhone. I can't say the image res is much better, but hey...welcome to my living room! I do love it so, with all its colors and trinkets.

And please ignore the fact that my belt buckle wandered off to the side. Some mistakes are bound to happen when you take a self-timer photo and have to push the button, run away and then casually pose in 5 seconds flat.

What's your favorite thrift store go-to item?


FWIL Sentimental Blog Content said...

You look amazing! I serious need to hit up Savers more often- so impressed!

Tia said...

I'm a major thrifter, but I have never stepped foot in a Savers (is that a thrifting sin?!). But I think you have convinced me to! I am a scarf lover myself, but rarely wear them...I lack the confidence once I get home :/

chrissyblake said...

I love it all lol and I totally know how you feel about the self timer thing! any time I do a what I wore shoot I have that problem.. not only that but I do it outside typically, with my camera on my car or the fence with cars driving by.. awkward

Laura! said...

I love scarves! Also, I think it looks cute with the buckle to the side.

Alicia Snow said...

Savers is my favorite! I stop there usually once a week. I can't help myself,

Abby said...

Oh my lanta, I am diggin' the scarves. And 99 cents you say? Where is this Savers store you speak of and why is it not in my life.