Thursday, August 22, 2013

A&A: Star Wars & Strange Trucks

Dudes, we're so overdue for some of this business. On with it!

▲ Last weekend I climbed into my friend's large black truck and discovered it was not, in fact, his large black truck. The people who did, in fact, own said large black truck proceeded to stare at me in shock from the front seat. I ran away. I got out and ran right away.
▲ I'm sorry but...200 CATS?! Crazy things going on behind the scenes at Disneyland:
▲ I ran into a door at a job interview. When my contact at the company emailed me to ask how the meeting with the director went, I told him I left there "feeling sweaty and in need of a Dr. Pepper." I think I've reached a point of blunt honesty and no inhibitions with this job hunt thing.
▲ A radio station named KFOK. Why does this happen?

▲ This emotional Titanic recorder solo is all things yes.
▲ Star Wars fashion exists and I need that R2D2 swimsuit now please:
▲ I frequently (see: daily) (and nightly) overhear my upstairs neighbors bickering, the teenage son in English and the mom in an unidentified asian dialect. Today it reached new, amazing levels as the young fellow insisted on SINGING over his mother's foreign the tune of Billy Joel's "For the Longest Time." The louder she ranted, the louder he Billy Joeled. I am emotionally attached to these people.
▲ These creative bookstore ads claim to capture the magic of reading and I'd have to agree.
▲ If you have any soft spot in your heart for Arizona, you will love this website.
▲ My Kerry girl made a list toward the bottom of this post of things her Henry dog has taught her, and I feel like it's some top-notch life advice! On that note, I've been on a dog kick lately and frequently look at the local rescue listings (this is not the first phase I've been through) even though my living situation says it's a no-go. I picked out a doberman this week who weighs as much as I do, and I look at pictures of him online daily. His description says he's "initially reserved," has "beautiful house manners," and "within a day is ready to lay down his life for his family." He would be my fierce friend, protector and running buddy, I just know it! Oh look, here he is now:


Unknown said...

That is all.

Katie said...

Your truck story reminded me of: "Hey guys! Hey! Oh..." and then I laughed really hard, even though I'm sure it was totally awkward for you.

Lex said...

Getting into strange cars is THE WORST. Glad it happens to other people too.


Alicia Snow said...

Finally. My heart has been yearning for an A&A post.

Hope Douglass said...

The cat bit is totally true. When I worked there I'd run into them sometimes. And if you happened to take a mutual liking to each other, you're allowed to adopt the cats :)

Hailey. said...

Yeah I've had the whole awkward getting into the wrong car situation too. Why does this have to ever happen in real life?!

Loved this round of Awkward & Awesome!