Monday, August 12, 2013

All the recent haps & other nonsense.

You know that part in What About Bob when he's in the wood-paneled station wagon with Anna and he randomly starts making word associations and rhyming? "A poodle...a noodle...a DOODLE..."

That's kind of how this post is going to go. So let's have at it.

I did laundry tonight. Two loads. I bought myself sunflowers at Sprouts the other day because I needed to brighten my life. I forgot to open the blinds today and let them have sun and they are looking wilty. Wilty is now a word. I've been really into posting on the twitter lately so come find me. I still have no job even though I'm trying so hard. THE HARDEST. I'm currently eating lime chips and salsa + mashed avocado. I mashed the avocado with my hand because I couldn't find a clean spoon. I've started to think about applying for waitressing jobs, because then I'd really be that girl who moved to CA to be a writer and ended up waiting tables. I would not mash avocados with my hand if I worked at a restaurant. I've been watching Friday Night Lights and it's all mostly good except Julie is the worst and season 4 is starting to get a little old and Peter Pan McCoy is a real jerk these days. I'm going camping this weekend. I love camping. I washed my favorite plaid flannel shirt for the occasion, just so I can make it smell like smoke and then wash it again. Also, my cousin's little baby died this weekend. I know that's a big thing to squish in the middle of a rambly post, but somehow it hurts less to say if I just squish it in there. Sunday was eight years since my brother Mason died. EIGHT. What's with that weekend in August? It was also my half birthday and I felt a little homesick about not celebrating it for the first time in a long time but I'm the new kid, you know? I went running tonight. My hair is wet because I just showered and I left the window open to ventilate the bathroom afterward and now it kind of smells like skunk because wildlife.

In other news, Suzzie had me guest post an old post of mine and it's a favorite so go check it out and poke around her blog while you're at it!

In other other news, Kayla included me in her Babble post about choosing outfits inspired by favorite book characters. Go see what I chose and browse through the other outfits!

And those are all the haps. Goodnight ninos. xoxo


Jess said...

Sometimes it's all we need to just ramble and squish the big things in with the little things. Maybe I should come up north to visit...

Alicia Snow said...

I love rambles and nonsense. Sometimes it helps. Also, I'm going camping this weekend. We live the same life even when we live in different states. #twinsies

Katie said...

Favorite line: "and now it kind of smells like skunk because wildlife."

Boo on those Northern CA employers! Um, hello, don't they know who you are?! But seriously. Somebody should hire you stat.

And I'm sorry about your cousin's baby. That breaks my heart. And wow, eight years. I'm sure sometimes it feels like it's been forever and sometimes it feels like it just happened yesterday. Time has a funny way of doing that.

Anyway, I think it might be time to go on another campout. Of destiny. Those fix all things.

Suzzie Vehrs said...

I'm so sorry about all your loss. I know what you mean about having to address something but not bring able to talk about it directly. some things are just to painful. I buy myself flowers sometimes too. it helps.

karajean said...

As someone who waited tables for a year and a half, I can tell you there are worse jobs! Keep your chin up!

Jenna Foote said...

1) Always mash avocado with a fork (if you have a clean one) ("fark" if you're from Utah). So much easier than a spoon.

2) I am so sorry about your cousin's baby. That's just rough and there's no two ways about it. Also, I didn't know you lost a brother. I am sorry for that, too.

3) There's a job on your horizon. I can just smell it. It doesn't smell like skunk, for the record.

4) What About Bob? is simply the best.