Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My NBC Reality Show Space Mission

If they make me eat space bugs, I will eat space bugs.

I woke up this morning to discover that NBC has announced a new reality show to send a civilian to space.

(moment of silence)

(another moment of silence)


You bet your interstellar buttons I'll be applying.

Not even kidding about this. Will it be like Survivor? Will I have to eat bugs? Space bugs? Will I have to wrestle alien creatures? Jump off tall things even though I'm afraid of heights? Are space bugs crunchy or squishy? Bring. It. All. On. I once tackled a pig at a rodeo, for crying out loud. This is space we're talking about here. SPACE. My #1 ambitious bucket item list is to see the earth from the outside. (Not even Gravity deterred me, remember?)

So cross all your fingers and toes and whatever appendages for me while I (im)patiently wait for applications to open so I can tell NBC exactly why they want me. I wouldn't mind the free pass instead of saving the $250K it usually costs for a civilian space trip, you know? (My pennies will add up someday, right?)



Maggie B. said...

me too! oh pick me too! bring me! choose me! me!!!!!!! =)

Bring on the space bugs!

Alicia Snow said...

We should make shirts. #sendkatildatospace.

Cammie Smith said...

haha, love it. I will vote for you!

Unknown said...

Oh my stars (pun totally intended).

I will vote for you & spam twitter with that hashtag but you could never get me up there. #claustrophobia