Tuesday, October 8, 2013

TED Talk: How I Hacked Online Dating

I've had some conversations lately about online dating.

If you've been around this blog since last year, you know I tried online dating for like....a month...last December. I've had two good friends get married off eHarmony this year, so I'm not a disbeliever in online dating by any means. But, I'm not convinced it's for me. For one thing, both those marriages resulted from long-distance dating. Let me tell you, long-distance dating is.....not my strength. Let's put it that way.

Recently I had all these crazy thoughts about doing an experiment in which I try out different dating sites (even Tinder, the infamous people-swear-by-it-but-I'm-not-convinced-it-wouldn't-make-me-feel-like-a-cheap-piece-of-meat app) and then blog about my preconceived notions and whether or not they were proven true. I don't know, that blog experiment is still up for debate. (Not fully convinced it wouldn't just stress me out.) (But it could be good for me.) (Would you read it?)

So, it was timely when I came across this amazingly funny TED Talk about how this woman hacked online dating.

Not saying I'm planning on doing any hacking, but this woman is smart and hilarious. I wish I had been there in person to laugh in the audience until I cried. There's just something about her that I relate to! So if you have a little less than 20min to kill, perhaps something to watch during lunch or before bed, here you have it! I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Kristen said...

I just listened to this talk last week!! Found it veeeeery interesting and funny, and maybe somewhere she has put her formula that you could put into use?? Although making up at 72 point list of everything you are looking for could take awhile...

Unknown said...

I love that she completely uses the system to her advantage and that she put the time and effort it took to make it happen. Personally, I have done online dating before and felt like a useless slab of meat but the way that she divided the information and established criteria is inspiring. Also I adore TED talks. They are always so interesting.

Unknown said...

It IS a fascinating and totally entertaining talk, but it's worth keeping in mind that her strategies aren't going to work well for all singles. As an online dating coach, I was actually worried people would use her system and become even more frustrated, so I blogged some counter-advice here. Basically, what I think made Amy's hacking so successful was the extraordinary amount of effort she spent working against the system instead of lazily relying on it!

Annie W said...

What an interesting talk that is! I always thought online dating seemed superficial, but I never thought of making up a way to work around the very basic algorithm that they use. And I just about died at that ending...so sweet!

Kailee said...

Wow, that was so interesting and funny! I really liked it and thought she was super clever. Thoughts I had as I watched..
-Steve the IT guy! Omg, I don't know what I would have done if I were her with a $1000 bill to foot. People like him keep other people verrry afraid of things like online dating haha
-I love that she made up her own algorithm, and from the way she explained it was helpful so that anyone could do it, it'd just be time-consuming. And although it was for online dating, I think thinking about some of that stuff in real-life dating could work too.
-I LOVE that she found love (just from watching that video I could tell he worked with her personality) and my heart melted when she said they named their daughter Petra. Adorable.

Thanks for sharing! (sorry for the long comment haha)

Kailee said...

P.S. Tinder...not worth it. Speaking from experience. :/

Unknown said...

I adore her! There are patterns, I know I started seeing ways in real life to get noticed above the crowd- I'm so inspired she did it online!

Hailey. said...

Okay I loved every second of this video!! haha wow she's great! I also loved the follow up post by Virginia up there. Good stuff!

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Unknown said...

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