Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Queen Latifah + Me + Halloween

I can now officially say I've talked to Queen Latifah's "people."

Remember when I won that BlogHer award and Queen Latifah was the emcee at the awards ceremony? Right. I'm guessing that's how her people got my contact info. All I know is, one of them emailed me one day last week and asked if I wanted to write a Halloween-themed post for her site. Um, yes.

I wrote it so quickly that I feel unsure of its quality, but the eversweet Kerry told me she loves it and her word is good as gold. So, confidence restored!

And now you may read it: Awkward Childhood Costumes

p.s. Remember last year when I compiled that Halloween playlist? Thought it might be time for y'all to bust it out again. Please give ample attention to Monster Mash and Dead Man's Party, my personal favorites.


chrissyblake said...

Queen Latifa FTW! you rock at life. SO proud of this :)

Unknown said...

Really great post! It brings back memories of the late 1990s, specifically when I dressed up one year in a pumpkin suit just like that for my church's fall festival. I need to go dig out the photo now. :D

Butterfly clips FTW!

Kailee said...

wow! you are so cool! Congrats!

Lauren // Pink on the Cheek said...

GOODNESS!! That is a great accomplishment!!! Congrats darling!

Emma Frances said...

Haha. That picture is the best!! In other news, if you need any songs for your playlist this year let me know! Race is obsessed with Halloween songs and has compiled quite the awesome playlist this year!