Monday, July 1, 2013

I'm a BlogHer 2013 Voice of the Year!

So, I was already having an above-average Monday today (I ate tacos and a slushie for lunch with Camille, sold my first item from my vintage etsy shop, and my parents' cat let me hold her for a picture), and then I got a little email from BlogHer that was icing on the cake...

I've won a major award!
(Name that movie reference.) (Now I want a fishnet leg lamp....)

Back on topic: Feeling blessed, excited and humbled to share that I'm one of BlogHer's 100 Voices of the Year bloggers for 2013! Out of 2,600 submissions, I'm one of 25 bloggers chosen in the "Inspiration" category. I read some of the other blog posts and...back to that humility thing. So inspiring. This is the article I'm being recognized for:

Stop Waiting for Your Life to Start & Start Living It Now

Attending the conference later this month in Chicago for a shmancy reception and to get my picture taken on stage isn't in the cards this year (and by cards I mean bank account because of that whole moving to California thing), but I'm so there in spirit! (And will photoshop myself into their photos later, naturally.)

Next time I win an award I'll try and enter other contests for airfare, hotel and registration fees at the same time so I can afford the festivities! As it is, maybe I'll just put on fancy clothes that night at home, pour myself a glass of sober-girl bubbly and toast to the walls and houseplants. (I kill all houseplants, who am I kidding?)

Moments like this are good reminders that I'm doing this whole writing thing for a reason. Thanks for all the support along the way, blogging friends!

p.s. After posting about all this good stuff, I glanced up at the baseball game my dad is watching and the cameraman was panning to different shots of bearded ball players. Is it my birthday and I forgot?


Jenna Foote said...

Good for you, Katie! It's your year!

Chantel said...

CONGRATS! Seriously! That is amazing! Ironically, you came up at dinner tonight with some friends. Someone asked me how I know "Katilda." And I just went off about you and how amazing and funny I think you are. So you're famous in Utah dinner conversations too :)

Alicia Snow said...

I am so happy for you!! That is absolutely fantastic! Imma break out the bubbly as well to celebrate for you. And in bubbly, I mean the apple cider in my fridge.

Melanie said...

Woot woot! Go you!! Congrats on the well-deserved honor! Also... YES! Get all dressed up and be there in spirit! Then take a picture and that's the one you can use for the photoshopped group shot! Congrats again.