Wednesday, July 10, 2013

6 Updates from My (California!) Life

Oh heyyyy....I'm alive!

Officially breaking my blog silence to update you crazy fools on this little vagabond life of mine! I've been all busy with the whole "packing my car full of stuff and driving to northern California" thing, so that's my excuse. Also, I'm camped out at Starbucks right now, because I won't have Internet until Friday. And I'll have some rambling gushy thoughts about this whole adventure in the near future. But here's the logistics of what's been going on, list style:

1. I live in northern California! There are trees. And a cool breeze. And TREEEEES. I want to wrap myself in plaid flannel and a loose gray beanie, locate a porch swing and read a novel until the end of my days. Oh man, do I have stories of the good things I've seen and learned. I will compile them all into a separate post so stay tuned!



2. My hair is pink. What can I say, impulsive things sometimes happen at 1am. Go explore my instagram for various pictures of this situation. Or enjoy these ghetto fab images with my arm or hand or some portion of flesh joining the party:


3. I spent the 4th of July at Six Flags. Because 'murica and stuff.

4. I upgraded my phone. I have Siri now. We're still getting used to each other, but she does call me Master Splinter like I requested. I have to set boundaries so she doesn't go all Smart House freaky on me.

5. I own a bicycle! 25 smackers on Craigslist. Oh Craigslist, you are good to me! She's a bit rusty but the tires and chain are in good condition, and who am I not to love a bike with a little extra personality? Her name is Jean Louise Scout Finch and adventures are on the horizon.

6. My apartment is friggin adorable. I'm working on decorating the interior to keep up with that quaint, magical exterior. Stay tuned for more photos of my bedazzling efforts. There was a free rocking chair waiting for me under a climbing tree when I arrived, and if that's not fate my name isn't Stinky Pete.

[no photo included, because, safety first)]

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Alicia Snow said...

I am so in love with your house! And Jean Louise Scout Finch is a beaut!

Unknown said...

SMART HOUSE OH MY GOODNESS. I miss that show/still have nightmares about that show.
Also, I really loved your snapchat tour of your home.
Also, I think you're the coolest.

Jenna Foote said...

I would be lying if I said I'm not super-jealous of you right now. My life's ambition is to end up in Santa Barbara someday. It's basically the Celestial Kingdom.

Chantel said...

Love love love! Seriously I love EVERYTHING about your new life, and new apartment, and hair, and bike, and your humor, and writing, and everything in the whole world that has anything to do with you.. I love it! I'm glad the move went well and you are settled in :) You look fab in that first pic up there!

Budget Splurge Beauty said...

"doesn't go all smart house on me" hahah. Love your hair!

Unknown said...

I'm enjoying seeing shots of your adventures in Cali! Also, love the pink hair.

Kelsey Eaton said...

So I'm currently stalking your blog as I'm moving to the bay area next month! I love hearing your thoughts about it. PS I need to find me a $25 awesome bike like that!