Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A&A: Big Daddy John & Shower Windows

Oh yes, we need a little of this up in here! I've been compiling all my awkward & awesome life moments as per usual during my California life transition and the list was growing quite long so...here's the best of the last month or so! Now I want to say something dramatic like BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND...

▲ I drove by a construction site last week with a spray-painted sign that said "BUTTS ONLY." What?
▲ While hanging out at a Starbucks a couple weeks ago, I overheard what appeared to be an entire life coaching session from one bro to another. Bro #1 was having some lady troubles, and oh-so-wise Bro #2 instructed him, "You gotta buy her nice things. You know she likes nice things. Show her what she's got in Big Daddy John." (Variations of this statement were repeated for a good half hour.)
▲ Amongst my list of things to include in this post, I have one note that simply says "sport shats." I don't even know what that means or why I wrote it down, but I couldn't just leave it out.
▲ Some devil bird wakes me up at 4:30am EVERY MORNING with its hellish baby elephant noises. Myke informed me that the elephant bird is a real thing. A real, extinct thing. Except I know the truth, because there's one living in my neighborhood. I've named him Kevin, and we are sworn enemies.

Irrelevant Neil Diamond Break...
▲ Neil Diamond is always relevant.
▲ This map of trees makes me oh-so-happy. I oh-so-love trees, and I oh-so-love NASA.
Bertie's vintage shop & soda bar in Phoenix. I am sad that I only discovered this right before leaving AZ, because...DREAMS DO COME TRUE. If you're into vintage clothing or treasures, and if you're into an old-fashioned ice cream and soda bar...well...GO.
▲ The captions in this hilarious post about falling in love with Henry Cavill. THEY KILL ME.
▲ This amazing photo encompasses how I feel about yoga. Forgive the profanity, but I laughed for about a solid week every time I thought about it.
▲ Do you like Lord of the Rings? You'll like this.
▲ There is a window in the shower of my bathroom in my new apartment. It faces in such a way that I can leave it open while I shower without fear of being perversely spied on. Taking a hot shower with fresh air blowing through makes me feel like I'm fulfilling a life dream of showering in one of those outdoor wooden showers at a lake house. I'm probably inappropriately excited about the existence of a shower window, but there you have it.


Britney said...

Ummmm that LOTR video made my life. Okay, maybe just my day...but still. Thanks.

d.jo said...

Is Kevin a girl? :)

Alicia Snow said...

Thank you for the tree map. It is now saved in my favorites so I forever have it when decisions on where to live arise. And that Henry Cavill post, perfection.

Becca Swindlehurst said...

"POTATOES" was a necessary insert into that video, which just happened to make my whole day better. It also gave me the desire to go and watch an LOTR movie.
Also, I feel that you should get a video of this elephant bird. It should be heard by the world ;)

Love this post!

Maggie B. said...

At our beach house in Rhode Island we have a regular bathroom with the worlds smallest (and grossest) shower and an outside one. That outside shower is my favorite thing. Ever. It makes me feel a little bit naughty, but.... I love it anyways!