Monday, July 22, 2013

Easy (I REPEAT, EASY) Crock Pot Chicken Tacos

I don't know how to emphasize strongly enough how ridiculously easy these tacos are. And, they are delicious. If they weren't delicious, I wouldn't have eaten them for about five meals in the last three days. Hey, when you're a single gal on a budget, leftovers are king of the hill. And tacos. Tacos are always king of my hill. I don't even know what that means but my heart tells me it's right.

I modified the original recipe a bit from this book. These babies can swing gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, guilt free...all the best free things. ('merica.)

Here's how it goes down:

1. Put defrosted chicken in the crock pot. I used 5-6 boneless chicken tenders. It would probably feed 3-4 people for one meal, depending on how ravenous you and your guests are.

2. Cover the chicken in salsa. I went with two of these little green cans of jalapeno salsa, but it was a bit soupy for my taste. In the future I think I'll go with a chunkier salsa. Keeps things interesting.

3. Turn the crock pot on low for about 4 hours. Stir occasionally, or whenever you get bored, or between episodes of Friday Night Lights. Whatevs.

4. Shred the chicken. Fish it out of the salsa, shred it with a couple forks, put it back in the salsa and stir it all up.

5. Add sliced avocado.

6. Eat. Enjoy. Love. I put mine on corn tortillas but you can do what you'd like. Eat it over a bed of lettuce if you don't eat grains. Add cheese or lettuce or hard taco shells if that's more your speed. Whip up a side of refried beans or Mexican rice. Hire a mariachi band, string up a pinata and get festive. Don't you just love options? I love options. And Mexican rice. I love Mexican rice.


chrissyblake said...

That plate :)

{this is us} said...

I am cracking up right now. Also feeling a little shameful that I don't attempt to cook myself. Easy is what this girl needs!

P.S. What Chrissy said.

Jane said...

This is on our dinner menu for this week, you convinced me! I'm all about delicious and easy.