Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Stanford & the Cantor Arts Center

Today I simply needed to get out of the house.

The job applications and solitude and computer screen were starting to addle my brains and poke at my tear ducts, so an outing became necessary. I laced up my favorite old pair of sneakers, hopped on my trusty bicycle (Have you seen Jean Louise Scout Finch lately? She is looking so fly.) and headed north. I mean west. I mean northwest. Also, why don't the streets point normal directions in California?

And #scoutcycle and I, we found such a delightful place.

If Stanford ever introduces a master's or doctoral program that interests me, I'm all over this. (Please note that I do not condone the whole "framing Hedwig" thing that is pictured below. I'm now certain there is dark magic afoot. Accio freedom, Hedwig. Accio freedom.)

"Rodin is the sculptor of hands, furious, clenched, rearing, damned hands... The hands of the great sculptor are present and living... These hands are sad, furious and weary, full of energy or collapsing with fatigue ...hands of heroism or hands of vice ...He has investigated with passion the expressions of the human hand." Gustave Kahn


Cheryl said...

Beautiful photos, as always. Your frustration wasn't all bad, if it led to bicycles, and beauty, and adventure... ;-)

Chin up, and remember to take a break from the stress and the toil every now and then xx

Liz said...

The land of my heart! If you ever get the chance to go to Felton to see the Redwoods, there's a Big Foot museum in a tough shed there, run by a guy who undoubtedly makes his own moonshine. Worth the stop!

Also, breakfast at Stacks? Have you done this yet? Maybe on the more spency side, but legend has it all the big execs have their business meetings there. Their omelets are good, but if they have gluten free banana-coconut pancakes, PAY WHATEVER YOU NEED TO! I still dream about those pancakes. I've tried to make them myself, but I don't have a good recipe for edible happiness yet.

Alicia Snow said...

Accio freedom Hedwig? I am dying right now.

Myke said...

This was pretty incredible by night. Wish we could have stayed longer/seen more.