Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Case of the Rambles

Ever heard the saying "Instagram ate my blog"?

I think Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have done some munching on katilda.com ....mostly because I don't want to bore anyone who follows me on all those platforms by posting the same things here. So all my funny little daily thoughts or moments end up in those places, while my longer, deeper ramblings usually end up here.

Also, sometimes I'm just not sure which stories feel relevant to share. Like, the strong feelings I have about sandals with straps that are soft on the inside so they don't make your feet sweat as much as ones that are just leathery or plasticy....uh, plasticky? You know what I mean. I have big feelings about this.

I usually share my craziest thought-stream rambles on Twitter, e.g. my ongoing quest lately to eat more veggies. I eat prrrretyy well, but I have a definite sweet tooth and REALLY need to up my game in the vegetable department. Problem is, I only like about 5 different veggies: peas, spinach, carrots, squash (including zucchini), and french fries. JK, the last one is actually yams. I love me some yams.

I think arugula tastes like death incarnate.

Also, arugula earned that red-squiggle spell-check underline the first time I typed it (as arugalla) and spell check suggested that maybe I meant "areola." NO I DIDN'T BECAUSE UNCOMFORTABLE ANATOMY AHHHH STOP NOT ON THE BLOG GEEZ YOU GUYS. So, talking about veggies is rough. (I'm pretty comfortable with anatomy myself but that doesn't mean I want errant nipple references on my blog.) (I'm sorry I said nipple.) (Twice sorries.) (Me explaining it is better than you googling it and finding any pictures you don't want to find.) (Let's move on.)

See? I've let the rambles fly on this post and it's gone just about nowhere and everywhere all at once.

My job is really good. My life is really good. I get to play frisbee once a week again, so my heart is about 23 flavors of happy. It's about time to start training for my 4th Ragnar Relay, happening this September in Napa Valley. (Gosh I hate running, but man I love running events. The struggle is REAL.) Oh, and my Iceland trip is on the horizon (*ahem* tomorrow *ahem*) so.................stay tuned :) And follow along at @katildagrams to see some other-worldly pics when I have wifi.

Thank you for bearing with me, you know....always :)

(this is the day I was trapped in the hammock at work because of a combination of factors, including the puddle underneath the hammock, me wearing a skirt, and nearby spectators that could possibly witness a failed dismount)
(through much grace and skill, it turned out OK in the end)


Unknown said...

I'm glad the puddle incident turned out okay! I didn't know I was waiting for an update until I got one!

Lauren @ Lot Forty Eight said...

This is hilarious!! New follower!!