Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Fresh & Easy Adventure // Someday I'll Learn to Feed Myself

Y'all know how much I dislike grocery stores.

It's crowded, there's an overload of options, I have to spend money, I'm compelled to buy (and therefore eat) vegetables that I don't truly care for because I'm always trying to do my body good, there's the chance I might run into someone I know and have to make awkward small talk, it takes up my free time, etc. #yaynotyay

So naturally I'm jazzed about the name of this particular grocery store: Fresh & Easy

Heard of it? Do you have one nearby? (Find out.) To me, Fresh & Easy is like the small town of grocery stores. It's quaint, it's straightforward, stuff is arranged in neat little rows, and the aisles aren't crammed with crazies (OK small towns actually might be crammed with crazies sometimes). Anyway, this feels like a win. My eat-at-work, busy-social-life, always-trying-to-cram-in-some-exercise-during-daylight-hours life situation requires me to need a weird combo of easy/quick/healthy meals I can eat right away, plus things that won't go bad for awhile in case I don't get to them in the first few days.

Fresh & Easy has this thing about making fresh, easy meal solutions for people who "can’t cook, won’t cook, too busy to cook, but really want people to think you can cook." Truer words have never been spoken about me and the kitchen, especially after my macaroni fiasco the other day (shhh don't speak of it).

Fresh & Easy is located in CA, AZ and NV, which I know applies to many of my readers, so....find the location nearest you and ch-ch-check it out if this is all ringing your bell. Then call me and we can talk about our shared love of food, because, food convos yeah!!

Also, there's a photo below of the things I bought. Some fruit, some eggs, some bacon-wrapped chicken, some veggies and...some lucky charms and pizza, because my heart wants what it wants and moderation in all things ya know? Just keeping it real. Plus here's some photos I took in the grocery store because I know you want that in your life.

(Look, I ate chicken and veggies and white nectarines w/ cinnamon and honey on top and I made it all myself and it didn't take long at all. I'm a champ.)

Disclaimer: I have been compensated for this post, but the words and thoughts and opinions are my own because y'all know I wouldn't do you wrong or ever bother blogging about something I don't actually like. #duh


Stargirl said...

No GF anymore?

LaurenHoya said...

Absolutely my favorite grocery store! I hate that people don't seem to get it, and I'm sad there are no UT locations. It really is so good and so easy for awesome meals, and their lemon cilantro hummus is bomb! Also the chile verde pork meal.

amy said...

Fresh and easy has these yummy snickerdoodles in the back of the store that are amazingg. Try them!