Sunday, June 1, 2014

eShakti Illusion Floral Dress Review

What's better than getting an email about reviewing a dress?

Well, some things are better. (Like if it was an email about a million dollars fo' free. Or Andrew Garfield asking me on a date, which, I'd even forgive him for doing it via email because his face.)

But hordes of cash and celebrity boyfriends aside, an invite to review a dress ranks pretty high up on a great email to receive. And it came from eShakti, meaning....cust-om-iz-a-tion! I wore one of their dresses once before....last June, at Bridesmaid Round 13....and loved the whole process. They let you choose exact measurements so your dress fits just right in every region (because who of us honestly has a body with all matching body parts in the same size? none of us, that's who) and you can also customize the sleeve type, length, neckline, etc.

Plus the dresses all have pockets, 'nuff said because POCKETS.

Anyway, I perused through the dress options and my heart was all "yes, that one" when I saw this pink floral number, which is funny because I actually don't wear pink that often. But it felt right so YOLO and all that jazz.

I decided to lengthen the sleeves to the elbow just to give it a little vintage kick, and I'm all super happy with the result. Got a ton of compliments on it today at church, the fabric is super soft and fully lined in the skirt (why are all skirts sheer these days? ain't nobody got time for that) and also enjoyed putting my hands in my pockets whenever I needed a comfortable social buffer and my arms felt awkward (someone tell me you relate to that?) so if all feels like a win.

SO, if I'm speaking your language, check out eShakti's website, follow them on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, and mayhaps hit them up next time you want a specific type of dress that fits you just right and......did I mention the pockets.

Here's some photos!

(the shoes are by Aldo, if you wonder about that type of thing and passionately love the color gray like I do)

p.s. just discovered that eShakti pinned my photo from their dress that I wore at the wedding last year, on a board called "Real Fashion for Real People." LOOK HOW REAL I AM


Budget Splurge Beauty said...

I so love this dress! I really like how the top is see thru but I understand why you wore a shirt underneath. It looks great either way. I love all the customization options too!

Sierra @ Sierra's View said...

Shut up. I want this dress. Tell them to email me! Haha