Thursday, June 20, 2013

A&A: Beard of Steel

▲ The other day I frantically searched my room for my phone...while I was holding it to my face having a conversation with someone.
▲ That one time when Spotify hired a model with MY face. And my collar bones.
▲ These hairy stockings for young girls to fend off perverts. I'm still gagging a little. And a lot.
▲ I saw a billboard yesterday advertising a pasta place. It said, "Spaghetti, meet balls." Speaking of gagging, I will officially never eat there.
▲ Me, interacting with a puppy. In my defense, he kept biting me. I have lesions on my arms.
▲ The last 2 hours of Man of Steel when he ditched the beard and plaid shirt and I didn't think he looked even remotely as Super. Let's focus on this image to transition us into the Awesome section:

▲ Cucumber honey lemonade.
▲ The National's new album. I mean, dang. Go and partake.
▲ This seriously beautiful letter written to me secretly (but I found it :) on Ariana's blog. There's a power in blogging and vulnerability, my friends! Her words are so lovely.
▲ Pretty Little Liars. Why can't I stop watching it? There's a part of me that will always love TV shows and movies aimed at teenage girls. No shame.
▲ Speaking of television...GIRL MEETS WORLD HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY APPROVED. Losing. my. mind. over. here. "No jazzercise in the kitchen."
▲ I'm training again! Barring any injuries between now and the end of September, I'm going to run my 3rd Ragnar Relay...this time in northern California in beautiful wine country! Me and my running shoes  are about to get tight again. Also, I've been trying this daily 8-minute ab workout via Youtube. Six pack, are you in my future?
▲ Video for Instagram! It's like moving pictures which is like Harry Potter which means I highly approve. Now I must eat jelly beans and enjoy it.
▲ I love sour jelly beans.


Chantal said...

Have I told you lately that your social media platforms are like my favorite addiction. It's true. I wake up in the mornings and immediately check your fb/instagram/twitter feeds and then your blog. I just can't get enough of you. My brand new hubby is kind of jealous.

indeazgirl said...

The tights are gross and I hope they make millions of them. :-)

Jacqueline said...

those hairy tights and the spaghetti sign had me rolling. i'm loving instagram video too! though i feel sorry for the vine app, which i really liked but wil probably rarely use now.. :\

Anonymous said...

Ragnar is the absolute best! Totally jealous.

Jana said...

I completely agree with you on superman! He was far far more attractive with his beard and plaid shirts. He did look a little better when he put his Clark kent glasses on at the very end, but the rest of the