Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A&A: My Toenail Declared Mutiny at an Unfortunate Moment

hhhhola mis amigos! First, I'm guest posting today for my lovely blog soul sister Ashley at Happily Ever Ashley, so go check out my post about choosing your own love story. And then stalk the rest of her blog. And now on to the other goods...

▲ The prancercise fitness video. (But it's borderline awesome all at once.)
▲ Indulged in a pedicure recently, and...my big toenail came off in the pedicurist's hand. The shocked look on her face was nigh unto priceless. #runnerproblems #oops
▲ I'm a few years out of touch with current TV, and I've been exploring it since I moved in with the 'rents. But mostly I'm finding that TV is weird, because Exhibit A. But it's also good, because Exhibit B.
▲ This book exists:

▲This sad cat diary video. I think I'm posting too much about cats. It's just that I live with one now, and we're working on our friendship/frenemyship, as evidenced in this photo.
▲That one time it was National Donut Day and I had my first donut in 6 months. Bless you, gluten-free bakery. Bless you.
▲My friend Brook is amazing and travels to India and saves the world and stuff. For her master's thesis project she put together this incredibly moving photo essay about the oppression of Indian women. I got to see the gallery/exhibit in person, and...whoa.
▲ AND MOST AWESOME OF ALL... the new Jimmy Eat World album is out! Be still my heart! You can look it up on Spotify (it's called Damage). Or go buy it. And put it on repeat. I dig it because it pulls some influence from a few past albums, including a definite grunge vibe in a couple songs that throws all the way back to Static Prevails. I would list my favorites but I like almost all of them for different reasons, so let's not go there unless you REALLY want to go there, in which case please corner me in person sometime and a long conversation can indeed commence. Amen.


Unknown said...

Prancing does make life better, doesn't it.

Katie said...

i am dying about your toenail story! ahaha.