Thursday, June 13, 2013

News! I have some! The good kind!

I don't know why I couldn't just title this post "I have good news!" My brain thinks more in spurts like it turned out, so it's probably best as it stands. Now on to the goods! I'm feeling very blessed this week.

1. I am employed! 

It's a contract writing/editing position that will soon turn into something long-term, so when that happens, I will give you all the juicy details! But just know that this girl has a steady income for the time being and the upcoming move to California is much less daunting! Ima celebrate with and veggies for dinner. La vida loca, up in hurrr!

2. I have a new nephew!

Introducing, Jay Matthew Hawkes! I love this little squish. Well I pretty much love all babies. I'm not really a kid person, but I'm definitely a baby person. Now pictures:

3. It's time for another wedding!

It's the infamous Bridesmaid Round 13; it is upon us! I will post more excellent details about it after it goes down (because those posts are so much better with actual pictures of the event, amiright?) but for now you get a picture of the shoes and jewelry because why not:

And now I shall pack for yet another plane ride. I'm getting really good at those.


Unknown said...

Such good news! Congrats cute lady! you deserve some good news!

Moonboots said...

That is good news. California. Does this tie in with the plane ride and apartment story?

Anonymous said...

Hooray for dry land!

Unknown said...

How exciting! I'm so happy for you, girl! California will be such an exciting adventure that I can't wait to hear about, your nephew is adorable, and I am experiencing some very deep jealousy of those shoes.

P.S. I finally used the Shabby Apple gift card I won from you! It was the perfect dress to take on a trip to Spain my husband and I just went on. I love it! Thanks again! :)

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

Guess it panned out!! congrats.