Monday, May 26, 2014

$300 Summer Road Trip Giveaway!

My name is Katie and I believe in road trips amen.

Some of my best life memories involve hitting the road with family or a group of friends. I mean, who didn't love the days of strapping an old TV-VCR to a crate with a bungee cord so you could watch Sandlot and What About Bob with your siblings on a never-ending drive to Texas? (Just me?) ANYWAY. I'm happy to be teaming up with a handful of bloggers to set you up with some summer cash so you can hit the road yourself. (Or buy like 20 Sandlot DVDs and a six-pack of DP because 'MERICA!)

Summer Roadtrip Giveaway

Let us help you out with your first road trip of the season by making your financial situation a little easier. How does $300 sound? Entries can be submitted until June 3rd. Open to international followers. All entries will be verified.


Michal said...

Awesome! Love taking trips so much

Unknown said...

thanks for chance!