Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Summer of Dreams, 2014

You know that one season of Saved by the Bell when they took a time-out from Bayside High and The Max and went and worked at the club on the beach all summer....?

I could really use one of those alternate reality, amazing, play-like-it's-1999 summers. And hooverdammit, I'm making it happen! Last summer was full of adventure, but more in the "I'm making big scary decisions and everything is a frenzy and I'm moving to California and then job hunt job hunt job hunt." What I want right now is a SUMMER. And you know, go big or go home, so....

Here's what I have to look forward to in the next 4 months:

  • Living in northern California (it is eternal paradise weather)
  • Working at the Googz (going insanely well, btdubs)
  • Traveling to Iceland (28 days! AHHHH!!)
  • Many trips to the beach, you better believe it
  • My bestest friend's wedding in SLC in June (Bridesmaid Round 14!)
  • The Elevate Conference in SoCal with all my blog bestiesz (10 days!)
  • The two-story Target that is by the hotel in SoCal (worth mentioning)
  • The 4th of July (specific plans TBD, but it is my favorite holiday)
  • Training for the Napa Valley Ragnar in September (my 4th Ragnar!)
  • Hopefully playing frisbee a lot after wayyy too many months off
  • Several trips to Oakland A's games (because baseball = summer)
  • Monthly book club meetings with the smartest gals ever (see our books here)
  • The following concerts, thanks mostly in part to my country megaticket: Ingrid Michaelson, Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, Lady Antebellum, Dierks Bentley, Miranda Lambert, Sara Bareilles, Paul McCartney (TBD, fingers crossed!), Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan......and probably more, especially if my favorite band ever decides to go on tour near me (yes PLEASE).
Seriously, I am just tickled with hope for good things to come.

By the time October rolls around, I hope I'm sun-soaked and starry eyed with a whole bucket of good memories and a heart all full of goodness the size of Texas.

Dear Summer: Let's do this.

 (That's my roommate in the blue hat. She's a good egg.)

p.s. Congrats to Tamara S. for winning the Alison Storry necklace giveaway! Check your email, girl :)


Unknown said...

I just can't wait to hear about your Iceland adventures! So awesome.

Anonymous said...

Your roommate stole my old nike hat. Also I didn't know Ingrid Michaelson was country now.

Katie said...

I want to see you in SLC!

Harley said...

sign me up.