Thursday, September 23, 2010

baby you're all that i want

[recommended music: anything by bryan adams]

location: my bed again, resenting the AC that's blowing on me

what i see: a half-eaten package of wafer cookies that my roommate left on her desk

i must begin this blog with a confession. i, katie e. hawkes, blatantly made fun of twitter for the first year or so that i knew it existed. i made statements such as, "who the heck cares where lindsey lohan is eating lunch?" and "it sounds like an outlet for narcissism."

fast forward to today. i have officially had a twitter account for a year (@K8Ehawkes, if you care). i relish reading tweets from my favorite bands & celebs (hello, @ralphmacchio). i want to own a shirt i saw that says "i'd tweet that." i've been paid to tweet for a national charity w/ 22,000+ followers (hanging on my every word, i'm sure).

i can hear you laughing at me.

before you shake your head too vigorously or let a "tsk" escape your mocking lips, let me point out my favorite facet of this online outlet: free things. i have won a veritable treasure trove of complimentary goods from my little pal twitter.

allow me to illustrate just a few of my more notable successes:

a plethora of free sprinkles cupcakes (you can get one per day, if you know the secret word. which i always do. because twitter tells me.) (no, i don't go every day.)

two fish tacos from rubio's

two tickets to an award-winning play at gammage (it sucked. that's besides the point. i just can't enjoy a play where they smoke on stage. if i ever find tar in my lungs, i'll rethink my praise of twitter.)

two tickets to a Suns playoff game (yes, really)

And today, drumroll please....

two tickets to the Bryan Adams concert next tuesday!!

let's just put it this way: i have been known to utter the phrase "sexiest voice in existence" in conjunction with his name on more than one occasion.

my next dilemma: determining who is worthy to accompany me on such an experience. i can't have a half-hearted fan at my side. no dabbling allowed.

i sent out a sleuthing text to a handful of friends/roommates: "i have an important question. what are your feelings on bryan adams?"

the first 4 responders disqualified themselves by saying, "the singer?" no question marks allowed. sorry, kids.

more acceptable responses included:
"main crush of my formative years. lustrous voice."
"everything he does, he does it for me."

that's more like it. i'll let y'all squirm away as to who i'm taking. don't you worry, i will be sure to blog (and tweet) about this life-changing musical experience.

the point is.
laugh away, my non-tweeting amigos. i'll be 8th-row center with mr. adams.


brittney1 said...

I love that you have twitter... thats so cool you find so many cool things.. P.S. i have missed you and think we should play again soon and you should come again to institute.. You are a hero of mine for winning so many amazing things.Bryan Adams i have heard is amazing in concert. Lets play again soon.

Katie said...

Haha. I would just like to defend myself on two counts. 1.) I have a friend named Brian Adams. So I wasn't sure if you were talking about the singer or secretly have a crush on my friend-that-you-don't-even-know. Give me some credit. And 2.) I give myself some credit for only half the cookies being eaten. It took a lot of self-restraint for that to be the case.

Adam and Emily said...

You know I've always said that about Twitter too. But I've never done it before because I always thought my life too humdrum and no one would be interested. But if you get to win things heck I might join the tweeting world!

The Ballard Family said...

Am I aloud to comment and ruin the surprise for everyone before you post about it?
Well...I shall. For I am sitting here at nearly midnight snacking on carrot cake and relishing the memories of handsome Bryan and his sweet sweet voice.
"Don't deny me...this pain I'm goin through...please forgive me...if I can't stop loving you..."
I just can't help myself.
I am so glad you convinced me that it was okay to abandon my kids for an evening. :)
I can't wait to see your post about it.
Don't forget Gary.