Thursday, September 16, 2010

bucket list

"down here, it's our time. it's our time down here. that's all over the second we ride up troy's bucket."

nothing like an applicable Goonies quote to really kick off a blog post.

OK now go read my new tagline under my "scruples" heading. now come back down here and keep reading this post. good.

here's the deal: i'm doing it. it? yes, it. all of it.

a year into my grown-up, cubicle existence ... i'm breaking free like dr. leo marvin and the death therapy. case in point: it's 3:27pm on a thursday afternoon and i am currently sitting in a hipster coffee shop with my feet kicked up on an antiquated coffee table.

i have to thank the economy for cutting my working hours in half and handing me this opportunity. i might not have gotten around to this of my own volition.

but when better to be dirt-poor and act on my elusive SOMEDAYS than right now?

someday i will...

be a freelance writer. because i have just enough faith in my skills.
live like a minimalist.
really dedicate myself to my service endeavors.
spend some substantial time in coffee shops.
write my book.
maybe write another book.
think seriously about becoming a legit runner.
become a resident expert on Isaiah.
record some music. maybe start a band.
perfect my homemade pie recipes.

and by "someday i will," i mean ... TODAY i will. right now.

today's view from my coffee-shop perch:
one girl studying for law school.
one dreadlocked man studying a "Meteorotics" textbook.
one well-dressed, spectacled young professional equipped with a laptop and a book of matches.
one girl pulling off a pixie haircut like no one i've ever seen.

now i really want to name my band dr. leo marvin & the death therapy


Ranteumptom said...

I'm teaching Isaiah on Sunday. You'll understand it 100% by the time my game is over.

I can't help you on the rest, but I feel that earns me a piece of that pie.

Wandering Justin said...

Funny that a non-coffee drinker wants to hang out at coffee shops ...

The Ballard Family said...

Katie, that picture at the top, it is fantastic! What is it??

The Ballard Family said...

p.s. I like coffee shops a lot too. It's hard to explain.