Monday, September 27, 2010

razzle bedazzle

[recommended tune: #186, "be be your love" by rachael yamagata. not because it's relevant. just because i really love it.]

location: my bed. (i've really gotta start blogging in more interesting places. like the hanging gardens of babylon, the pyramids of egypt, or ... downstairs or something ...)

what i see: the laundry basket of treasures from my car. which reminds me, i need to vacuum my car out so i can put all my treasures back.

but on to the topic of this post ...

someone sign this girl up for project runway.

i found this little number at a thrift store. i looked at it with a discerning eye. it looked back. i saw potential. it looked into the face of its new maker.

so last friday, i busted out my sewing machine ... which i've just decided to name sophie ... hit up joann's (i simply adore that place) with my coupons in hand, and got to work.

behold the metamorphosis:

a closer look at the top:

key embellishments to note:
the fold-over collar is now a stand-up collar (my favorite kind of collar, you must know)
the ill-fitting, 3/4 sleeves are now short and prim and snug
the waist is bedazzled with a lovely little belt
the hemline is no longer wide and drab, but bubbled and fab
(yeah, i should totally write informercials. i'm well aware.)

look out, world. sophie and i are on the move. i've already got a new vision for our next domestic rendezvous.

if you have a craving for tacos at 9:30pm, it's okay to act on it.

if you get lazy and decide it's easiest to adorn said tacos with 5-layer bean dip from ... 7 days ago ... you should probably not pay heed to that lethargy. i've learned an unfortunate lesson.


The Ballard Family said...

Seriously, I was so impressed with this dress. Everything I adore about it turns out to be exactly everything that was done by Katie.
'nough said.

Kami said...

You, my friend, are an inspiration.