Wednesday, September 15, 2010

eat your colors

more for my own validation than for any other reason, i need to point out that, YES, i am quite capable of feeding myself real food.

weekly excursions to Del Taco notwithstanding (39-cent tacos are the only thing that can so effectively sway me toward fast food. i have weaknesses, ok??), i am usually quite kind to my body and its corresponding organs and arteries.

case in point:

whole wheat pasta. veggie tomato sauce. carrots. spinach. apples. cashews. poppy-seed dressing.

assuming that there's some form of dairy in dressing ... i do believe that's every major food group in one shot, kids.

note: i did not neglect our little friend "sweets" at the top of the pyramid. i ate an entire otter pop later that night. cha-ching! you can all now rest easy.

1 comment:

Adam and Emily said...

You know I have to say that whenever I make dinner I try to have everything a different color. Sometimes I make 2 things that are the same color and it drives me nuts. So I just have to eat with my eyes closed!