Tuesday, September 21, 2010


[musical stylings recommended for this post: #168, silver trees by mr. rocky votolato]

location: my kitchen table
what i see: the whole-wheat, cinnamon-coconut bread i just invented, baking blissfully in the oven

well, technically i can't SEE it. but i know it's there. baking faith.

ANYWAY. this post is not about baking nor spiritual principles, but something ELSE very near and dear to my heart.

behold, the plaid flannel:

in addition to a certain addiction i might have to moccasins, cardigans and thrift-store dresses ... i have an incredible soft spot for the ol' stylings of Al Borland.

something about wearing a plaid, flannel shirt calms my soul. it fits quite nicely in my dreams of a) porches, b) treehouses, c) baking pies, d) gardening, e) not the city, f) not the city, g) sewing quilts, h) autumn-scented candles and i) a bearded man.

the point is. i think i should own this shirt in about five colors. and Target happens to be selling just such a thing right now.

what's that, bank account?

oh. well. i will just wear this one every day. like a cartoon character.

like doug funny and his green sweatervest.
which, come to think of it, i could also be game for.

holy mother of pearl, my bread smells amazing.

1 comment:

The Ballard Family said...

Your bread WAS amazing.
And, thanks for making me feel all nostalgic just now.
Your dreams and mine...they are similar...
though my body type rejects button-ups and we shall have to fit peasant shirts into this dream as well...