Tuesday, September 7, 2010

huff & puff

so i guess someone decided my blogging is worth sharing with more than....the smallish amount of you that may actually read THIS blog.

the point is. the point IS...

you can now read my stuff on The Huffington Post. i am proud enough to admit that it's "kind of a big deal."

(okay...okay now i feel sheepish. but i'll let it stand.)

but anyway. check me out. subscribe. leave me some comments. tell all your friends. hoo-rah!

my first two entries:

An Overactive Subconscious Meets the Dream Dictionary, Round One


How Britney Spears Prepared Me for Grown-Up Life

pick your poison. i mean, humor me and read both.

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Cameron, Katie & Jack Hunter said...

Riddle me this one batman: several months ago I woke disturbed by one of my dreams that was more like a nightmare. In the dream, and older gentleman came into the office and had his catheter fall out. I was supposed to put it back in, but was completely at a loss, seeing as how I don't know how to put them back in.

Later on, in my actual work day, I roomed a patient and suddenly his pants started to "leak". He exclaimed "My catheter came out!" Without skipping a beat, I led him to the restroom and left him to work it out by himself.

I don't usually think about older men, much less their catheters. Are there any answers to this in your dream dictionary?

p.s. I didn't post this on the Huffington Post website, because I didn't know how, but I'm so glad that you have this opportunity to write for them!